Saturday, June 24, 2017

Why this picture

Very simply so I remember what I need to go dig out of my mess of a sewing room. Simple solutions to a very absentminded focus.

I have been commissioned to do a christening gown similar to the one in this magazine. Heavenly Whisper by Martha Byrd Broyles [or Southern Matriarch] which is her blog name.  This is not my first go around with making this style gown, I made my grand daughter's gown two years ago based on the same basic idea.  It is a beautiful gown period. I need to dig out my magazine...where or where can it be?? Disorganized...yeah more than that, but not quite total chaos. Just I never have finalized where things 'should' go. It changes with the seasons.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Climax Blues Band - I love you 1981

Today was a relatively uneventful Sunday.  In the morning I messed and played on the internet...Yes I am a junkie on the computer. 
Then I ran out to pick strawberries, welll.....THAT was bust.  A very basic quart picked. Between there being no berries to speak of..they had been all picked?? and my back not having it I was sore dissappointed. Home again jiggity jig.
Time to get ready to attend a celebration Mass for 25 years of priesthood. 

Father Michael Lang was ordained 25 years ago. We met him in 1995 at St Gregory's RC church in Hamilton NJ. Hank and he actually became friends while taking the youth group to Appalachia during the summer. 
Anyway...the point is..he has been here for our family in a number of ways. 
Most memorable was visiting our Joseph in the Hospital in 2001. Mike just came, taking time to bless Joe and be there as we all prayed for healing.

Then he married Joe and Danielle. 2009
Married Michelle and Ron 2014. 

And he helped us celebrate Hank's life...without pause. 2015.

I needed to go celebrate Fr. Mike.  I did. A lovely celebration of love, faith and finding Jesus' spirit in all and everyone. then home again right?? I was missing Hank as I drove home. Wishing he had shared the Mass with me. Wishing he was near. Remembering that it's 39 years this Memorial Day that we 'connected' and began our journey together. 

So on the radio comes the Climax Blues Band from 1981. I love you. 
When I say I was stunned to hear words that I would say Hank wrote himself. 
The entire song is almost a perfect explanation of how we began and how
I know Hank felt about me and us in general. 
Do I think he put it on the radio ?? Yes I admit I do. 
So here's to you Hank...forever in my heart.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Busy----Still here!!

Hello world!!

No I am not gone...just busy.

Hard to write about life these days...even though I have many thoughts on many different matters of life.  Just busy trying to figure it all out.

Still sewing yes.,,.,.and knitting  and even got back to my cross stitching on occasion,.

Did make the dear 'little' ladies their Easter dresses,...thanks to Kathy Dykstra's inspiration from Classic Sewing Magazine!!  [See still in love with needles and such].

Pink for Mackenzie and Blue for Brooke.  Largely because before Easter we tried their jackets on from last year! They still I tried to complement the jackets. OF COURSE was 80 degrees Jackets needed. Have to just laugh.

Keep saying I will journal my sewing adventures here,..and I take pictures! Then it's always other chores that take me away. So dear readers...I am hoping to start again,  Time will tell!!  JUST BUSY!!

Monday, January 2, 2017

2017 Happy New Year 2017

Haven't forgotten about the blog. Just have had very little to post about.  And yet there has been much happening in my world.  Some stitching and such, but more about family and life in general.  In truth, my New Year started back in the early days of November. And as I look back in the blog I now realize why I didn't post the was to be a surprise!!

The family surprise is/was that my second son, Bryan, whom had moved to Florida in March of 2016, came back to NJ the first Sunday of November.  He is staying with me until his wife and son come back at the end of their lease. Main reason: job security and income,  Personal wasn't what they hoped for. Truthfully, for myself...I am very happy to have them back. Brantley, is the only baby of my grands that I have not had much time with. And from the looks of things, he is his father's identical self [as a small fry].  Yes my wishes came true, but I still am anxious to spend time with him and get to know him.  Soon.

So needless to say, I have been busy. First rearranging the stash storage and making room for Bryan, Then there comes the holiday preparations. And not for nothing, the older son made Thanksgiving a real nail biter.  Winding up in the Hospital on Sunday night with a bad case of diverticulitis. First time...and it was worrisome. He came through okay and is now on normal mode. [we pray].  So my turkey is still in freezer,  Guess it will have to be my 'birthday' dinner,,coming up soon.

Christmas was, as it always is, lovely and delicious and crazy,  It will always have a shadow preceding it for the rest of our lives with Hank's absence. Yet I feel that all of us have come through this first year in good shape.  Life is for us to live, love and enjoy. Something that grief can put a stop to. We have not let that happen and I see joy and happiness resurfacing more and more in the entire family.

So that my friends, is the summation of 2016 and my feelings going into this New Year 2017,  Wishing each and every one of you all a Healthy, wonderful and best year ever.  My sincere resolution? hopefully more frequent blogging? A few pounds down [of course], more sewing,...yes, and always a good life.

All the youngsters including cousins.
 Bryan and family were not here=that's another fun story...later.
And with my sister and myself.  
My house is packed full with all of us!! But we had a good time.

Happy 2017 

Monday, October 31, 2016

Inventory shopping via Facebook

Really? on facebook??  Yes indeed.  The 'little' Sewing Shoppe has a page and I have started writing 'note' pages which give you available stock. At the the moment limited photos, but it will come soon.  Paypal is the method of invoicing and payment,  So if you are looking to shop at 2 am,,,check out the page on Facebook.  Thanks,.

PS: Happy Halloween,...this Facebook thing is not a 'trick' it's really there!!

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Fall is Here!!

All four seasons of the year hold just about equal share in my heart.  Fall runs right next to spring and summer with winter being just behind.  This past summer seemed to have a grip like no other 'heat' pump, but it seems to be moving on.

Currently we are watching a hurricane called Matthew headed for Florida. Needless to say, I am anxious for Bryan, Morgan, Brantley and Lisa who are situated 'inland' but seem to be right in line of the 'bulls' eye.  I pray they are safe and secure in their home and suffer no major problems.

Life is ever moving in my world. Now I am teaching one day a week at a local college campus. It makes me remember the window on the world that education shows us!! The day then ends with a bible study that is also very illuminating for me with regards to my faith and beliefs.  And all of it is helping me move onward and forward.

And fall is here. Which means time to gear up for the holiday needles and threads and revisit the permanent list of 'to do' gifts that occupies now two pages of my sewing wish list book. NONE of which have yet to be truly crossed off,...humorous in a way,  BUT also very upsetting [in my mind] that the adage:


Will be my headstone carving in the end,

For my few followers this is not news, as I suspect most of you are also in the same mind frame most days.   Maybe...Just Maybe...the coming days will see a dent in the stash??

Happy Fall all!!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Follow up to Hank's Fishing trip

Saturday August 13, 2016
Cape May New Jersey

The family was supposed to go out on this boat: Lady Chris.
A good boat and really perfect size for the 15 of us. 
Captain Jeff was so wonderful to us all. He explained that because of the sea breeze [winds] it was very very choppy/rough on the water. And he offered us this boat: 
 The Miss Chris
A lovely bigger boat. For a smoother ride.
Can't tell you how compassionate Captain was. Just a true gentleman.

We went fishing!! But it was a splashing bumping ride out to the ocean! So we turned back and went into the Delaware Bay by the Ferries coast. 
Cape May Lewes Ferry Terminal along Town Bank.

After a few moves..trying to find fish, and smooth was rolling to be sure, there were some signs for me that it was time to say farewell.

First one, Bryan caught a small flounder! 
 Had to throw back, but that told me Hank was near.
Second: right then both a butterfly and dragon fly came by. 
Another sign it was time to send Hank off. 
We did. 

One has to know that our family has always had comedy over seriousness. 
Often sarcastic, but most times funny. This was no different.
Joe had his father, Michelle and Mike had the sky lantern.

Boat is pitching and rocking...
Joe let's Dad go down into the water after a few words which I don't remember
...bounces/splashes on one roll/wave.
And down under the boat he goes. 
Sky lantern...JUST too windy!! 
If there was a video you would have to laugh.
The lantern went kaa plop into the water and down.

Everyone went to the other side of the boat to see if 
Dad popped up over there??
Nope...he's forever swimming now.

Captain Jeff offered that we could maybe get a lantern up from the top deck?
We tried...NOPE...too windy. 
Lesson lanterns only work in calm air!!
[that remains to be seen if true]

We fished a bit more. Came home with a few Kingfish keepers. 

This is the crew that saw Hank off. Captain Jeff is in the red shirt and Mate Gavin is the blue shirt next to him..another very special young man.
As I said before.. the family can be comical. As is proven by dear grandson Jon bunny ears over his uncle Joe.  Our family here from left to right seated:
Ron, Michelle, Sarah Beth, Myself.
Next to Capt. is Gavin, Bryan, Joe, Jon, Danielle and grandson JJ. 
 Three men on the right side are our adopted sons: Frank, Mike and Zach. 
We were missing daughter [in law] Morgan.  
Baby girls Kenzie and Brooke, and baby grandson Brantley 'Guy'
were also not along. 
Thankful we didn't bring them...
they would have been tossed around!!

For anyone outside looking in, surely they thought we were nuts, 
For us it was how Hank would have enjoyed the day!!

This was the sky as we said farewell. 
Do you see the ship? 

I do. God Keep you Hank.