Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Going Stitching

I leave in a few hours...and I sit here typing on a blog. Not fully packed, not really organized...playing with way too many things. OH WELL...

We had a really productive workshop today with the Princeton Pleaters SAGA chapter!! I took NOT ONE photo. Sorry. We also had a really great pot luck salad supper...with ice cream sundaes for dessert, yummy. Thank you so much Linda for the use of your home.

Next week, the Holly Berries will have a workshop...I hope we can accomplish plenty of ready to do gowns.

Okay...I really should go to bed...I am way too excited...just like the night before school starts [back in my youngun days]. Thankfully, I am not the one driving, but still, I need to be rested. So long for now...I promise to post while I am in Va. Just wait till you see !!
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