Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hello Sunday

At the moment, I really should be cleaning and sorting, but real quick, must post here. Last evening, I closed early and ran up to Morrisville, PA for an open air concert. Wonderful music by a local band, playing Big Band, Jazz, was lovely for two hours. Best part...our son was one of the Sax players!! Including a few spot solos...oh how my mom would have loved his IN the MOOD....ahhhh. Warning...if I put music in here, it will be Big Band/Jazz...what I grew up with. LOL

Okay, so I hope to post photos and more later this week of my stitching time at Lillie's. But if I really get the chance to sit and stitch all question...don't know.

It's hot, sticky and bright. A great summer, but too hot for me, who really needs the ocean breeze to enjoy. I was surfing last night [the net] and I am intriqued with putting a stitching time together again at the shore. YES Cape May...only not the 'production' type. Truely a stitching or two teachers. Early June...victorian hotel, no AC, no TV, very simple. ??Anyone interested?? Mid weekend. me if you are interested.

OKAY>>>dust bunnies and I come...Later folks..
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