Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Well, our monthly meeting of the Holly Berries was a jumble, but then this president is a bit jumbpled today considering Hubby's job interview etc. Anyway, we did manage to get our doll patterns traced, discussed assembly, figure out some pitfalls and ultimately, decide to finish our doll dresses at the August meeting. Should be fun.

We also managed to discuss our National Wee Care project and decided to plan on July 30th to have a 'workshop' to get our contributions moving forward. Please read about SAGA's Wee Care at: and see what this international organization contributes.

As a Registered Nurse who worked for over 25 years in the Labor & Delivery, Nursery, Maternity sections of many different hospitals, Wee Care is special to me. I have personally seen, dressed and counciled parents of little ones that come into the world, already an angel of God, or who struggle to grow to precious children of special families. Wee Care gowns, blankets, bonnets, and more are such wonderful treasures and helps to these families. Don't think they are not appreciated, I know they are. I only wish I had one extra day or hours to do more. But haven't found that trick yet.

Welcome Margaret and Charlotte to Holly Berries. I know we will have fun getting this chapter moving. Also thanks to everyone else, Fran, Ginny, Shirley, Wanda, all make my
life so bright, I do thank you for that.

Tomorrow...or next day...posting something new to ponder...check back...

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