Thursday, August 21, 2008

Computer hoo

I have had nothing but trouble the last few days...and it is continuing on. I took my laptop with me to the beach [no not on the beach...just to the apt.]; well, it was working fine when we got there. Just no internet connection...seems the world has gotten security aware...a good thing...but not good for us who want a quick hook up. ANYWAY...working fine on arrival, next morning...when I went to look for photos etc to share with my sister and friend lo and behold, my darling laptop was sick.

So, off to the beach I sunburned a bit, and in general had a very sweet mini vacation for a day. Next day, tried to get help from dear ole Dell...well...wouldn't you warranty had expired the day I arrived at the beach. HMMMMM....funnny....expired work computer. Why is this strange?? only because it happend to my pc before...same situation. I digress.

So now...finally, once I did get home...I had to reinstall my operating system. It still isn't quite right, but at least I can get to some sites....all through the back door.

So...hence my dissappearance from my internet friends.

As for the shoppe...Holly Berries met yesterday, and we had a good meeting. We now have to get busy and plan our workshop with Barbara Meger for Novemeber. Stay tuned...we will get there.

My internet connections are not I must go.

HOPE tomorrow to see more good news..
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