Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Day after Labor Day

September has arrived. It arrived with beautiful sun, warm, and no humidity. The days are getting shorter and that is what makes me saddened to see summer leaving. But I welcome back to school time and look forward to the coming fall and winter holidays.

I am still having 'issues' with my laptop which is where I prefer to work from. HOPE springs eternal that by Friday this week it will be better.

Today I am home with dear Jon my grandson, and instead of planning shop news, I am off to play with him before school starts. He goes into 2nd grade tomorrow...growing up faster than we think.

After I take dear Sarah back to college tomorrow I am planning on returning my focus to shop things and classes. Until later...KEEP STITCHING ALL>>>

PS>>>Thank you God for sparing New Orleans this time. My prayers and heart go to all affected by the fury of Gustav. May the remaining storms peeter out and cause no harm. !!

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