Monday, September 15, 2008

Not enough days or minutes in days

Okay, so I keep pledging my devotion to posting and informing everyone...well it just is not as easy as some seem to make it look!! Of course, if I spent time posting instead of reading everyone else's blogs and forums...then maybe I would get it all done.

A few more things have arrived at the shoppe....some additional Imperial 60 Khaki, Bristish Tan, Rice, White and Baby Blue.

Also on the shelves: Classic Couture patterns by Vaune Pierce...Womens jacket and Girls Sundress/Jumper. Of course the Oliver and S patterns are up front in baskets...have to get some samples made!!

Recently ordered some more laces and some wonderful sheer Swiss Batiste fabric, 58 inches wide. I can't wait to play with it, I think it will replace voile in my double layers? I am anxious to see how it looks over my Swiss Satin Batiste. Of course, that is my head is full or ideas and plans...ha...will I ever apply myself...we can only hope...before I age too much...LOL

On the other side of the shoppe....I am preparing for SAGA convention in Atlanta. Less thana month away!! The shop will be closed for the 10 days I am gone. I/We leave Sunday the 12th after the MRV Antique Sunday. It is also the day after the MRV [Mill Race Village] Fall Festival!! The temporary replacement for Cirque de Lune. I forsee total exhaustion BEFORE I even get to convention.

Holly Berries meets this Wednesday..12:30 to 3:30pm at the shoppe..we will be working on Wee Care and also making our plans for the SAGA Workshop in Novemember with Barbara Meger. Look for more information soon. You have to be a SAGA member to participate in the will be worth your joining...I promise.

My day with Claudia Newton was wonderful. I am also just about done with the darling little daygown we made. Photos coming!! and boy did I learn alot!! And did we ever pray our way home in the middle of Hanna...that was not the fun part. Why do trucks and SUV's think they can speed along in downpours with the roads flooded?? Me and my little Chevy puttered along and still I could feel the 'hydro' planing under my hands. But we are home safe...

Back to school things are keeping all busy I know. But don't sewing is stay tuned for new fabrics and ideas here!!

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