Monday, March 30, 2009

Sunday page of fame

Well, if only I had the photos to go with the article here. Well done and gives a boost to all of the world of home sewing enthusiasts. Also puts a small...teeny plug in for my passion of SAGA [Smocking Arts Guild of America] and many of the photos are smocking related. Just shall we get it to National news?? LOL...Lets see if I get this right.....

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Almost spring!!

Happy Happy JOY JOY DANCE>>> tomorrow is the spring equinox, meaning the days and nights are the same length...equal...wohooo. One of my favorite times of year...the days are getting longer...13 weeks till the Loonnngest day of the Year..and warming temperatures. NOW, that said, I also like cold, not so much super hot days/humid, but spring and fall cool, it. So Happy Spring everyone!!

The shoppe has been busy, we had a wonderful time with Beverley's class. Hope to have her back sometime this summer. In the meantime, I am expecting her kits to arrive next week for available sale here in the USA!!

As my son's wedding fast approaches, my life is getting more and more hectic. If I am distracted, I hope all will overlook it!! Funny how it is only 13 days since last i posted here...a good sign..I think.

Keep stitching everyone...more news later.
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Friday, March 6, 2009

Shoppe is busy my original intent was to make this the shoppe newsletter. Well, it doesn't always work that way now does it. But let me just fill in again.

Today, March 6 we have the SAGA Wee Care workshop from 10-4pm at the shop. A great opportunity to work on our pieces that we will/should get donated to area hospitals soon. Also a great way to meet other stitchers of all levels. You don't have to be a SAGA member to participate, but once you meet us...most ladies join in!!

BEVERLEY arrives today in North Jersey and comes to the shoppe next Wednesday. Not only will we have a great class but she brings her 'market' of kits and such with her!! Fun for those of us who are still collecting.

Life at the shop has been interesting. Some days I am in solitude, not something that makes me worry, but actually allows me to think and dream. OF course, could I prepare for the busy days and classes...sure...but that isn't always first in my list. Lately though, it seems that our economy is pushing more folks to learn how to sew. I hope it is a sign of improvement for all of us as we all learn how to get back to 'basics' and hopefully help our country regain it's good fortune. I do have a soapbox I can get on, but I won't because sewing is Not a political forum.

My shoppe is here...I admit that the economy has affected myself and causes my inventory to periodically ride up and down crazy. Soon though, it will be good again.

Come visit, and watch for some fun things coming soon....
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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Home again home again jiggity jig

Hello all, sitting here in the freeze of a March snowstorm, I am really wishing I was back South again. Yes, I got to get away for 7 days, four of which where in Florida with my college best friend and 3 days on a business meeting. Now dressing again in woolies after wearing shorts etc, well, I have to say I am longing for warm weather.

My mini private vacation revitilized me and my hopes and ideas for sewing and the shoppe. I am so thankful that I have my little corner of the world for things that I love. Even with our economic world turning upside down on an hourly basis, I am happy that sewing will always need supplies.

Now I have the coming excitement of Beverley Sheldrick and her beautiful Shawl. Then we continue on with the Spring and summer sewing, new things coming in. And personally, I have my son's wedding to look to...yes I am sewing and making my outfit. LOL...anyone have a pattern out there...?? Traditional, princess lines, sleeveless a-line gown...size 20 at least. I intend to cover it with a blouse/jacket by Vaune Pierce called Elegant Silk Shantung. I even plan to bead my own buttons!! YES...they are neat. Let's see...only 13+ weeks to go...1/4 of a year, three months, oh I have plenty of time...stay tuned....I will get it done.

Hope to see you all sometime in the future at the shoppe. Keep stitching...

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