Thursday, March 19, 2009

Almost spring!!

Happy Happy JOY JOY DANCE>>> tomorrow is the spring equinox, meaning the days and nights are the same length...equal...wohooo. One of my favorite times of year...the days are getting longer...13 weeks till the Loonnngest day of the Year..and warming temperatures. NOW, that said, I also like cold, not so much super hot days/humid, but spring and fall cool, it. So Happy Spring everyone!!

The shoppe has been busy, we had a wonderful time with Beverley's class. Hope to have her back sometime this summer. In the meantime, I am expecting her kits to arrive next week for available sale here in the USA!!

As my son's wedding fast approaches, my life is getting more and more hectic. If I am distracted, I hope all will overlook it!! Funny how it is only 13 days since last i posted here...a good sign..I think.

Keep stitching everyone...more news later.
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