Thursday, April 23, 2009

A 'private' school of sorts....

SADLY WE HAVE CANCELLED THIS YEAR...MAYBE 2010?? Sorry if you were planning on joining us.

There are plans in the works for a three day school with BEVERLEY SHELDRICK. It will be in the Pocono Mountains of Pa. I am posting the photo of the project, her beautiful swing coat in silk. The picture here does not do the coat justice, but it is lovely. Anyone interested need to contact me as soon as possible. The tentative dates are: July 29, 30,31 [wed,thur, fri]. Arrive Tuesday...leave late Friday/early Sat. Costs are being calculated and will be in the area of $275 -$350/person three days. Travel not included. It will be a small gathering...very cool. Hope you will consider!! Karin

Monday, April 20, 2009

Internet Frustrations and more.....

Just need to ramble a wee bit here....I have no time to do it all...and yet I want to so badly. And then there is the issue of passwords and accounts and all...I can't keep them straight. So then I spend twenty four hours trying to get organized with that stuff. Those of you who know me, know that yes I am a procastinator...of the worst kind. But I really do work well under pressure...usually...maybe more in my younger so much.Then, once I think I have the passwords organized and can fly, something else needs doing and I get away...its just such a vicious circle...

FORGIVE ME ALL for my silliness, but this is my life. And by default the shops life.

I am hoping that some moment in time shortly will have all fall in to place. In the meantime...please know that I am trying....Thanks for listening...Karin

Monday, April 13, 2009

Smocking basics

Here is a series of U=tube videos by a very talented lady Laurie. I hope it shows you some of what my passion and shoppe can be about...

There are a total of four time about 25 minutes. I am having fun learning how to do this all!! Please enjoy...and let me say thank you to Laurie for her talent in making these videos. They are all hers, not mine and her blog is listed for you to enjoy also on the side bar.

Springing forward...rushing to everything

Happy Spring to all who visit here. I am remiss in updating both my blogs and my store website. But I do try. And I hope that sometime soon I will become as quick as others in getting my 'computer' work done. [Stop laughing...I am trying].

There is truely very little in the upcoming weeks that is 'shoppe' related. Personally I am going to be busy trying to get my act together to enjoy my son's wedding. Only 8 weeks to go. June 6th...and Yes the shoppe will be closed the 6th and 7th of helpers are invited to the wedding and I sincerely hope we have a good time NOT stitching...;-)

As I learn more and more about blogging/posting/linking I hope to make this blog and website more informative. Just wait...

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