Saturday, September 26, 2009

Convention readiness...NOT

Just a really quick note to explain that as I prepare for traveling to SAGA convention in Indianapolis, I am not at all ready. ;-(

This reaches out to the shop as well...but that is easy part...the shop will be closed and only open next Saturday and Sunday with my daughter at the helm!!

This is the only time for now that I can blog post this info!! See you all in October after my travels...
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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

SAGA Convention here we come

Getting ready to go to Indianapolis Indiana foe Saga's 30th Anniversary/Annual convention, in a few days. It is hectic...and one of the things I have been working on is a donation to a basket [raffle baskets...oh my!!] being put together by a wonderful group of SAGA ladies from a chat forum. This group has developed a tradition of a fabulous basket filled with many sewing items and the silk pieces to carry them in. Many of these pieces are based on a teacher and friend of SAGA who at this time is waging war on Breast Cancer. This Scissor hussif is one. A fabulous design that holds two large shears, two small pieces and a seam ripper.

These photos show the basic finished is not completely done, but close!! YAHOOO...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

In stock

Just to let you know that we have ASE in stock.

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Found snapshots

Way back last fall, I was commisioned to do a christening gown. I forgot that I even took pictures. Found them! More commentary later.

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Friday, September 11, 2009

September is month for many things

This POST is a copy of a post from my other blog...please excuse it's jumbled runs on and on...For my mom , for Lois and are my thoughts and feelings today....

It is 9-11, a date that now holds so much significance in this country and around the world. Who would have thought at our emergency number [911] would always remind us of the loss and terror this day brought 8 years ago. My heart, mind and soul still ache from the memories and scenes of that day. Personally, I did not lose anyone, but there were people connected that touched me and who I remember in my prayers. My mom was still here then, and I was in charge of getting her to the doctor for her heart issues. We were very late...I couldn't see through my tears as I drove, she didn't remember the way. We walked in to the office and the 'receptonist/nurse' said we missed it. Long story short...the Docs and assistants were nearby and did see mom, once they understood how NYC/DC/PA were affecting the days work for everyone. Bless them...Mom lived to see New Years, and then poof...she was gone. 9-11 was to her another Pearl Harbor...very frightening and I will always think of her on this day.

September is also Ovarian Cancer awareness month. A friend of mine has a very good friend who is battling this disease. I am proud to call both of them friends. We are also sewistas [ a sewing fanatic] . I am putting my friends speech here to share awareness with all. It may only touch a few...but that is a few more that will now know. Gilda Radnor's disease is atrocious. I hope someday we see the cure but foremost, the early diagnosis tools. Lois...this is for Barb!!

How many of you here have a friend or family member who has been touched by cancer. If there was just something – anything you could do to help would you???? And if that was as simple as talking would there be any way to stop you?A very Dear friend of mine is fighting Ovarian cancer, she is going through her third round of treatment in less than 3 years. It is a scary time for her and for me -- almost 70 percent of women with ovarian cancer are not diagnosed until the disease is advanced in stage, making it the most deadly of all cancers of the female reproductive system.

As a result of Barb’s cancer, I have been introduced to more information about Ovarian Cancer than I ever really wanted to know. But what I’ve found out is that so many of us really don’t know anything about Ovarian cancer and THAT is part of the problem. We all need to know so much more in order to help more women be saved and not to suffer.

National Ovarian Cancer Coalition has a program called “BREAK THE SILENCE”, created to provide education, increase awareness and encourage public dialogue about the symptoms and risks of ovarian cancer among woman and their physician.Arming woman (and their families) with the tools they need to begin to know more about Ovarian Cancer is the ultimate goal.

Tonight I’m here to empower you to start that communication among the people you know to help Break the Silence.In 2006 the Coalition sponsored a survey to accurately measure the “lack of awareness” and knowledge among women about O C in order to develop an educational campaign that addresses the disease disparities.
The results of the survey are staggering.
Only 15% of women are familiar with the symptoms of ovarian cancer.
82% of women have never talked to their doctor about the symptoms and risk factors of ovarian cancer.
54% of women who haven’t spoken to their doctor about ovarian cancer don’t think it’s an issue since their doctor never initiated the discussion.
40% of women stated they are not sure about the risk factors of ovarian cancer.

Another misconception was -- and I think this one is among the most frightening --
67% of women incorrectly believe that a yearly Pap test is effective in the diagnosis of ovarian cancer.IT IS NOT!
But enough about what we don’t know and don’t do. I’m here to change that.

Historically, Ovarian Cancer was called the silent killer because symptoms were not thought to develop until the chance of cure was so poor. More recently however this has been found to be false. There are symptoms that are more likely to occur in women with ovarian cancer than those who do not have it.
These symptoms include:
· Pelvic or abdominal pain or discomfort
· Vague but persistent gastrointestinal upsets such as gas, nausea, and indigestion
· Frequency and/or urgency of urination in the absence of an infection
· Unexplained weight gain or weight loss· Pelvic and/or abdominal swelling, bloating and/or feeling of fullness
· Ongoing unusual fatigue
· Unexplained changes in bowel habits

Women with ovarian cancer report that the symptoms are persistent and represent a change from normal for their bodies. The frequency and/or number of such symptoms are key factors in the diagnosis of ovarian cancer. Several studies show that even early stage ovarian cancer can produce these symptoms. When the symptoms are persistent, when they do not resolve with normal interventions (like diet change, exercise, laxatives, rest) it is imperative for a woman to see her doctor. If symptoms persist for more than 2 weeks, you really need to consult your physician.

Because these signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer have been described as vague or silent, only around 19% of ovarian cancer is found in the early stages.

In my conversation with the Co-President of the Northern New Jersey Chapter of NOCC, Lynn Franklin, she said one of the other problems is that some of these symptoms are considered vague by Doctors and can also be indicative of gastrointestinal difficulties. If a woman is treated for these symptoms as gastrointestinal problems and they are not resolved, Lynn stressed the importance of seeking out another Doctor, don’t assume that you are just having a tough time with a stomach problem.

As with other cancers, EARLY DETECTION INCREASES THE SURVIVAL RATE. “Don’t worry about offending your Doctor.” Lynn said that was a reason that some patients waited so long to obtain treatment, they didn’t want to offend their Dr!!!. Don’t WAIT!! You are too important to you, to your family and to your friends to take a chance that it will go away.It is important to know that there are some identifying risk factors, and while the presence of one or more of these may increase a woman’s chance of getting Ovarian Cancer it doesn’t mean that she WILL get the disease.

· Genetic Predisposition· Personal or family history of breast, ovarian or colon cancer
· Increasing age
· Undesired infertility
It is important to note that ALL WOMEN ARE AT RISK.

If I showed you a yellow ribbon, or a red dress, or a pink ribbon, you would know exactly what message I was giving you, but if I showed you a teal ribbon, or wore a “break the silence” bracelet, would you have a clue what cause I was supporting? Probably not!

Teal is the color of Ovarian Cancer Awareness. There, you’ve already learned something you can easily share with others that is an easy way to open a conversation. It is not hard to start a conversation.Now, here is what you can do to help BREAK the SILENCEEveryone here tonight can help make a real difference in the future of women. Talk about what I’ve told you tonight, talk to your family, your friends, but don’t let our silence allow one more person to not know about Ovarian cancer. September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness month. Please take time to help Break the Silence.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Just to let you all know what is coming!!

EVENTUALLY I will get this all on the website and organized. HOWEVER...please mark you calendars for the following two events...there will be others but for are the first ones.

JUDITH ADAMS from Australia will be teaching at the shoppe in February. I hope/plan that she will be doing her beautiful two day [2 days] class on her Heirloom Bishop: called SNOWDROP BISHOP. Complete details on the class will be forthcoming. The planned dates are February 25 -26, 2010 . You will need your pleater, machine and plan on fun. It is done in White with white smocking. Email me to reserve your seat. For those SAGA people, Judith will also be hosted by the Princeton Pleater Chapter the 27th and 28th in the Princeton area. Two more days of classes there!! I will have that information shortly.

GAIL DOANE has graciously agreed to teach at the shoppe. The weekend of JULY 10th, 2010. We have not yet chosen our classes...but do know that they will be fun an lovely. The actual class will be a block up from the shoppe in the Community College classrooms, air conditioned, to stretch. At least I hope that will be the case. but again, more on that later. me for putting your name on the list. Full details will be published by mid October!! ASE: Gail's most recent published dress with lace collar....could be a choice? Magazine available at the shoppe.
And there are other special days coming to the shoppe and to Mill Race Village. First is our Witches Ball in October, check out the link: ..Black is back!!
In November...CREATIVITY FOR A CAUSE...Saturday after Thanksgiving. The 'little' Sewing Shoppe will be again doing a smocking class...this time an coming. Enjoy all day Saturday in the village, two classes, lunch at Robins Nest, shopping time all for one price. Part of the proceeds benefit one or many charities. website will be: . [Right now we are still enjoying the recently past event in August.
Early December...the Holiday Choclate Walk will be happening in the Village. Again, proceeds will go the South Jersey Food Bank charity. YUMMY ...and choclate is a sewing tool you know that!!
So...already, I am racing to the holidays. First there is the 30th anniversary/annual SAGA convention in Indianapolis. Check out for a great organization of which I am very proud to be a member and leader of! After will be winter before we know it...I swear we just did this...;-)
Stay tuned...we are beginning to hustle again!! Always...keep stitching to keep it alive as a gift for the future!!