Monday, September 7, 2009

Just to let you all know what is coming!!

EVENTUALLY I will get this all on the website and organized. HOWEVER...please mark you calendars for the following two events...there will be others but for are the first ones.

JUDITH ADAMS from Australia will be teaching at the shoppe in February. I hope/plan that she will be doing her beautiful two day [2 days] class on her Heirloom Bishop: called SNOWDROP BISHOP. Complete details on the class will be forthcoming. The planned dates are February 25 -26, 2010 . You will need your pleater, machine and plan on fun. It is done in White with white smocking. Email me to reserve your seat. For those SAGA people, Judith will also be hosted by the Princeton Pleater Chapter the 27th and 28th in the Princeton area. Two more days of classes there!! I will have that information shortly.

GAIL DOANE has graciously agreed to teach at the shoppe. The weekend of JULY 10th, 2010. We have not yet chosen our classes...but do know that they will be fun an lovely. The actual class will be a block up from the shoppe in the Community College classrooms, air conditioned, to stretch. At least I hope that will be the case. but again, more on that later. me for putting your name on the list. Full details will be published by mid October!! ASE: Gail's most recent published dress with lace collar....could be a choice? Magazine available at the shoppe.
And there are other special days coming to the shoppe and to Mill Race Village. First is our Witches Ball in October, check out the link: ..Black is back!!
In November...CREATIVITY FOR A CAUSE...Saturday after Thanksgiving. The 'little' Sewing Shoppe will be again doing a smocking class...this time an coming. Enjoy all day Saturday in the village, two classes, lunch at Robins Nest, shopping time all for one price. Part of the proceeds benefit one or many charities. website will be: . [Right now we are still enjoying the recently past event in August.
Early December...the Holiday Choclate Walk will be happening in the Village. Again, proceeds will go the South Jersey Food Bank charity. YUMMY ...and choclate is a sewing tool you know that!!
So...already, I am racing to the holidays. First there is the 30th anniversary/annual SAGA convention in Indianapolis. Check out for a great organization of which I am very proud to be a member and leader of! After will be winter before we know it...I swear we just did this...;-)
Stay tuned...we are beginning to hustle again!! Always...keep stitching to keep it alive as a gift for the future!!

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