Sunday, January 31, 2010

February Sewing Fun

February is National Smocking Month, Heart Month and more. The shoppe will be celebrating all month the art of Smocking and Fine Sewing. I love this little case picture! Makes me smile.

To celebrate February: All smocking plates, help books, and other accessories will be discounted 25% ! [No other discounts applied; not applicable on pleaters or pleater needles]. And celebrating Heart Month...RED fabrics, red accented fabrics, all on sale...30% off. Lovely laces and trims...20% off.

Super Bowl WEEKEND...SALE...Two days to fill your stash. Deep discounts on the whole store. Check back soon!

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Saturday, January 30, 2010


[2008 photo]

Today is the annual Fire n Ice Festival in the Mill Race Village. It surely is COLLLDDD enough out there for the ice carving and hopefully, the chili contest will warm people up!

Hopefully everyone will stay warm and enjoy themselves. It is not a day for sewing people, but I am here sitting and stitching some in the shop.

February arrives on Monday. NATIONAL SMOCKING MONTH, National Heart Month and more. Plenty of bargins related to those two will be found at the shoppe. And check back on Monday, that post will have some beautiful information!!

Friday, January 22, 2010


My day, my parents, my life. 57 years ago, right about now, my existance began. I thank my parents, Joe and Maren for bringing me into this world. I wish I had thanked them more over the years. And funny thing happenned three years later [1956] my sister was born the day AFTER my party!! So...Happy Birthday Irene...tomorrow is your day.

I share this day with many people that I know...two classmates from High School...Mary Lou and Louise, my Danish cousin Jesper;my neighbor Jim; And stitching friends...many many I just don't remember all their names. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US ALL!! may we have a wonderful day and terrific year 2010!!

Not news about the shoppe...but the basis for the birthdayy gift to you all!! And please vote for the shoppe at: it would be a great birthday present!!

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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Happy Sale!!

Even on a rainy day, people make me smile. Thanks!! Sale is off to a good start.

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Oh my...Birthday Sale starts today and goes until next Sunday. And all my best dreamed plans have fallen aside as I teach teach teach!! YIPPEE I say...I want the talent of hand work and fine machine sewing to continue. That alone will drive some sales !! So...for those who know about the sale..and that could be many...please call or come by...I will have some listing/marking for prices and all!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Planning and deciding

So, July is 6 months away right?? But in terms of scheduling special classes...only a thought away. So...please mark your calendars...July 8th to 11th GAIL DOANE will be here teaching two/maybe three classes!! My hope is that our choices will appeal to a number of you all. Classes will be [Thursday & Friday 1 project] ] Saturday [1 project] and Sunday [ 1 project] or [Saturday & Sunday=one project]. I am waiting on Gail to offer her insight and thoughts.

There will only be 10 seats each class, and that is the absolute maximum the shop can hold. All classes are Embroidery and Fine Machine Sewing. Final costs are being calculated and will be posted later this month along with the class descriptions.

Sorry for the quick post...but am getting excited that this is going to happen! Check back for more information.

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Saturday, January 2, 2010


Welcome 2010, or is it twenty ten? or two thousand ten? whichever is the correct version...Happy New Year to you all! In many ways I am happy to see 2009 go, in other ways, it reminds me that time moves on regardless of our feelings.

The shoppe will be going under some changes this year. Some are physical, others are scheduling changes. But the most important thing at this date is that there will be a SALE to celebrate MY birthday later this month. The sale will start on Sunday, January 17th and will continue for 8 days thru Sunday January 24th. This would be called a year end or inventory reduction sale by others. It's my birthday gift to you all and I hope you enjoy it. More details coming. But if I said most reductions will be at least 1/2 of my much will that be?

Reminder to you all that the end of February classes with Judith are filling quickly. Two days of pleating, smocking and sewing fun with our friend from down under. Please see the shoppe website for details.

Judith will also be hosted by the Princeton Pleaters the weekend of February 27th and 28th.

BEAUTIFUL BOWS Smocking Class on Saturday and CONFECTIONS OF LACE on Sunday. These are two small photos of the projects. More information is available on the shoppe website.

These classes are SAGA [Smocking Arts Guild of America] classes but the workshop IS open to non SAGA members. We do hope you will join us for more than the workshop.

Mark your calendars also for July 2010!! Gail Doane will be here in New Jersey teaching two or three classes at the shoppe. Final details are being worked out and information should be public in a few more weeks.

Wishing you all a very Happy and Healthy New Year...I am resolving to blog more and surf less...we shall see!! The shoppe is back to Standard Mill Race Village Hours:

Sunday 12-4

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 11-6

Saturday 10-6

Monday/Tuesday by chance or appointment

If schools are closed or roads are icey, please call ahead to see if I have come in.