Friday, January 22, 2010


My day, my parents, my life. 57 years ago, right about now, my existance began. I thank my parents, Joe and Maren for bringing me into this world. I wish I had thanked them more over the years. And funny thing happenned three years later [1956] my sister was born the day AFTER my party!! So...Happy Birthday Irene...tomorrow is your day.

I share this day with many people that I know...two classmates from High School...Mary Lou and Louise, my Danish cousin Jesper;my neighbor Jim; And stitching friends...many many I just don't remember all their names. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US ALL!! may we have a wonderful day and terrific year 2010!!

Not news about the shoppe...but the basis for the birthdayy gift to you all!! And please vote for the shoppe at: it would be a great birthday present!!

More information and details may be found at

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