Thursday, January 14, 2010

Planning and deciding

So, July is 6 months away right?? But in terms of scheduling special classes...only a thought away. So...please mark your calendars...July 8th to 11th GAIL DOANE will be here teaching two/maybe three classes!! My hope is that our choices will appeal to a number of you all. Classes will be [Thursday & Friday 1 project] ] Saturday [1 project] and Sunday [ 1 project] or [Saturday & Sunday=one project]. I am waiting on Gail to offer her insight and thoughts.

There will only be 10 seats each class, and that is the absolute maximum the shop can hold. All classes are Embroidery and Fine Machine Sewing. Final costs are being calculated and will be posted later this month along with the class descriptions.

Sorry for the quick post...but am getting excited that this is going to happen! Check back for more information.

More information and details may be found at

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