Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Found missing photos!

These photos went missing from editing pages.  Now they are found again!!

Pleating hint from Judith adams...SUPPORT your long dowel when pleating!!  Makes sense now doesn't it? This will free your hands from trying to keep level, turn the knob, pull the fabric etc.  [I have also found that when my dowel/fabric is resting down, it feeds much nicer than when I hold it...just my expierence.]

Judith demonstrating in the 'snow' class!! We all had such fun!!

Stitching on the fancy band of the dress. I think this is roll and whip..not sure...just a great machines shot!

Friday morning snow [February 26].  It looked like a blizzard...turned out quite mellow after noon...clear streets and peeks of sun.
You can see, the shoppe is not big...but packed with fun and good things.

Soon we will have spring flowers and more. 

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