Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Rainy Days and Mondays [or Tuesdays]

Truely this should have been written yesterday...but rain does not make me nor my computer happy. So, here it is Tuesday, day before St Paddy's day and I have the need to blog.

My trip for SAGA midyear meeting was very busy. AND WET n WILD!! We sat through tornado warnings and downpours. The very same weather [I believe] that came up the east coast from Florida to the Northeast. Even if not that same weather, it was bad down south, and I know it was not great up here. I returned on Sunday into the 'soup' as they say. Monday stayed gloomy, so I simply unpacked, cleaned up and worked on various necessary things from the meeting.

Sunshine today!! Yahoo...and I still have much business to attend to, but at least I have daylight and clear sky to enjoy in the process. Truthfully, I am hoping our wild winter is over and we can see spring and summer coming. I need some flowers to enjoy.

This post has little to do with the shop, but lots to do with my love for sewing and for SAGA. As a member of the volunteer leadership, I am amazed at the amount of time and interest we all spend to make SAGA the wonderful organization it is. We are nothing more than human and mistakes or oversights will happen. To that point, I hope that our members and fellow stitchers understand that and will find the positive points we try to put forth. The challenge is large, and we are working very hard to keep the organization up to date and stimulating. Our continuing goal is to maintain and support : "The purpose of the Smocking Arts Guild of America is preserve and foster the art of smocking and related needlework for future generations through education, service, communication and quality workmanship."

For me the key words here are 'future generations, education, and service'. Bringing the art of sewing and all that it encompasses to the public is a huge challenge. Communication is tough for many reasons and we are also purposed to update that process as an ongoing project. My continuing wish would be that all our members consider that point and make it a personal goal to help share our love of sewing and SAGA's purpose in a positive light.

To that end, I invite anyone interested in learning more about sewing, smocking, embroidery and more to visit a SAGA chapter or our National website : www.smocking.org for great information and friendship in all matters sewing.

Holly Berries meet tomorrow, March 17th at The little Sewing Shoppe. The meeting will start later, around 1:30pm as I do have a business meeting prior that I must attend. This meeting is a general sit and stitch meeting with some planning and organizational matters to be discussed. Always bring a project to work on!! We love seeing each others work and help each other work out questions about any stitching issues we may be having.

Until then...keep stitching everyone!!

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