Friday, June 25, 2010

Not REALLY a sewing problem...but it is

I AM WITHOUT MY CAR...and that makes it a sewing problem since I can not get to my shoppe. So that makes it a sewing problem. I am ever hopeful that by the end of today it will be fixed, but I am beginning to think that my car is having 'issues' with my mechanic/son.  Good grief it makes me crazy!!


Since I am without a car, I am also not open for the last two days.  Somehow, I will get to the shop on Saturday...heaven help me I will.

Stay happens...but this is getting tooo out of hand...I may have to stitch my car back together...;-p

Thursday, June 10, 2010

A quick obsession

The current issue of Australian Smocking and Embroidery [#91] has a dress "FROCKSTAR" in it. I have had this fabric in my own 'stash' for almost a year. It turned out quite well. Size 4. I think it should be longer...but I have to see it on some little lady first.
This project took up MY weekend...I was obsessed. It actually took about 2 hours to smock, and about 4 hours to put together.

The original Frockstar is done in Amy Butler Fabric...very modern and sweet. I hope to get some of that fabric in for my customer friends. But in the meantime...this shows you how it can be in something totally different.

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Now for the month of June....;-)

Good grief, it is June 2010 already.  Seems like 2009 was just here and I was busy getting ready for dear son's wedding.  Now we are waiting on our new grandbaby!! The end of June should be his arrival!! Yes a boy.  A wonderful surprise for all of us! So if you call the shoppe or stop by after the 15th of June...and I am not here with no can bet I am at the hospital just snuggling our new baby.  Jay Jay...his nickname at the moment.

Traditionally, summer time has not been a busy time for the shoppe.  But it would seem that this year is starting out different!! A good thing...but something that is making me spin in many different directions.  I do have a plan/calendar for some classes, if I could just find it amongst all my other papers that keep piling up !!

Stay tuned...there are new and some refill patterns arriving daily.  My plans and ideas are spinning quite quickly for some great classes for those who are interested.  And please do remember that the shoppe is in possesion of and selling Beverley Sheldricks amazing silk ribbon kits.  From her drawstring Reticule to small cushions and more.  Stop by and see them...they are lovely!!