Wednesday, August 4, 2010

52 days

Yes, 52 days with no car.  I survived, but my family is worn out from driving 'Ms. Daisy' and lending me cars.  My little four wheeled cart is back!! and working fine it would seem.  As this is typed, I am drinking my first morning coffee and anxious to get going back on my routine. 

What happened to my car?? For years I have believed that cars are more susceptible to crashes and bumps than anything...that is true. But they can/are HIT BY LIGHTENING!! and friends, with computers in cars now, not just electrical systems, but the whole dang thing can be blown away/out.  That is what happened to my little blue car.  Hit by Lightning...through the antennae. Not very visible or explainable to my mechanic, who kept trying to figure it out. Ultimately, it was taken to a major dealer/shop and after a month, was finally figured out/verified there.  Thank the good lord for comprehensive insurance which did cover the expense!

So, bottom line, if you think not having a car is a little thing in life, think again. Today we are overly reliant on our own private transportation.  It is a way of life and thinking that is absolutely overturned when taken away.  I am so thankful to my family, for sharing their cars, driving me and more, how to repay them is not easy.

 Can I also say that it is a very sad thing that in this country of 'opportunity' that we do not have a public transportation system for all.  There is no cohesive means for anyone to get from place to place without their own vehicle. Can we not find or see the need for mass transportation that works? Think about jobs created?? Advantage to the green world? Economic impact for many on so many levels.  To me it would be one of a few simple solutions to helping our country gain stability, growth and pride. 

The last 52 days have afforded me mental dysfunction on so many I have my car back and it would seem my brain is firing on all levels.  Thank you Tony B....I am grateful for your dogged expertise.  Hope I never need it again!!

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