Thursday, September 16, 2010

Arriving Soon just a FYI

ASE #92

Just notified that the latest magazine is being shipped [today I hope]. Sorry folks, it won't arrive until next week so it will be in the shoppe on the 28th when we are here with Judith Marquis. 

Having previewed it, this issue is fabulous for all our bigger, older, adult gals. And a fun pirate plate for the boys. Beautiful bishop for special day!!

Only 8 copies coming...grab them while they are here!!

LATE NOTE:  4 issues/year mailed to you for $70 prepaid. [$17.50/issue]
Individual mailings=$18 charged to card when mailed.
Note that I am one of the last on the EAST Coast to get my supply. So it mails late.

Getting Ready for SAGA Convention


"The purpose of the Smocking Arts Guild of America is preserve and foster the art of smocking and related needlework for future generations through education, service, communication and quality workmanship."

The little Sewing Shoppe is a very proud business member of SAGA.  Our 31st annual convention "Tidewater Treasures" will be held September 22nd to September 26th in Norfolk Virginia.  And I am going.  {At this time in my life, I am on the SAGA Board as Region One must go.} And dying is no excuse for not showing up...;-p

All kidding is largely due to SAGA that I am in business, and I love sharing what I have learned at many SAGA events.  I love the art of smocking---not just for babies and children, but for adults, teens and more.  Fine Machine sewing goes along with smocking...and I am ever challenged to learn how to perfect a seam, a hem [my nemesis=hems] buttonholes and more. 

SAGA is a NON-Profit we work hard as volunteers to keep our organization moving along.  Our main charity work is Wee Care.  What is that you ask?

 Wee Care is one other area that I am more than excited about. I share a bond with the babies that wear our donated gowns, hats, blankets and more.  As a former Maternity nurse, I know first hand why these gowns are important. They support families in time of great need emotionally and physically. No matter whether their baby lives or has passed, mothers and fathers do appreciate the small comfort our beautiful gowns give them.  Yes, the thought of a miscarriage, stillbirth or premature birth is not a happy thought, it is a part of life that often is dismissed. But for that mom and dad, it is not dismissed. Our gowns make these babies true 'persons' and leave behind a memory. For those preemies that do come home---another great treasure to show how they have grown.

One table of raffle baskets at convention.
All worth the price of $1 ticket!!
 Now...more about convention.  For all the attending members it means five days, [24 hours total] of great teachers, classes, inspiration.  Along with that goes meeting up with long time, long distance friends. Making new friends, pajama parties [yes even at our age!!] Dreaming of winning a basket [last year 90baskets were raffled off]

More baskets!!

 Showing off your own talent--Design Show or Show and Share.  AND so much more packed into the 5 days.
All of it culminates in Saturday evening with our Banquet. Here the changing of the guard...President in/out, new board members, raffle baskets, speeches, raffle baskets, songs [last year was fun] dessert [always?chocolate] raffle baskets.

AND I forgot one other very very important part of the week...It is called     MARKET...

Since heirloom sewing and smocking supplies are rare finds in many areas of our country/world...this 6 hour window is the ultimate oasis for our members.  The ladies have one motto in mind..." if I love it....I need it...even if I have it in my stash already!!"   And I always tell them...'your husband called...he said buy anything you want'....teeheee....

All this and more make SAGA Convention the hi-light of my year.  Honestly I can say that I would not miss this for anything. I wish all my sewing friends and customers would join in and experience the sisterhood that I have found in this organization. And this year, I have to dedicate my week to my good friend Beverley.  Miss you darling, wishing you all the best!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Book Review: Simplified Smocking by Helena Buehler

Book Review: Simplified Smocking by Helena Buehler

Sharing something I found while not sleeping! I really should be stitching but this is a great post. Enjoy! just click on the link above...vintage smocking!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Modeling the outfit..& Hat!

The hat and outfit were done just before JJ arrived.  He is almost 2 months old soon, and his mom got him in it and shared her talented photos!! The hat fits!  Even if he does look skeptical!
This would be his father's look...what's up man??

And just watch me strut my stuff!!  Thanks to dear daughter in law Danielle for sharing her camera talent with me.  Romper is Pleated Bubble by Michie.  Hat is Judith Marquis Boy bonnet.  Fabric is Chambray from Fabric Finders.  IF JJ needed any more clothes I would make lots...he is the best dressed little guy in town.  Baptism romper is in the works...and another hat!!  Soon. 

My children are wonderful adults now..
.and my two grandsons are the best.
Love them all!