Thursday, November 25, 2010

Getting ready and memories

It begins like this, a very damp clean pile. 

and like this-puckered wrinkled threads.

Then you work in sections to get to this:

and more

Workinng from center out.

and wind up like this

Not fully set or  ready, but close! Have to work on the center some more.

The tablecloth and napkins were purchased by my Air Pilot Father, years ago maybe around 1960's when he traveled to wonderful places like the Azores and Maderia Spain.  And thanks to my friend and mentor Lillie I have verified that it is hand embroidered. Not Margab embroidery, but Maderia done. 

My memories are many Sunday and Holiday dinners using this table cloth.  Stains and ONE small hole attest to that. Certain napkins are more marked than others...meaning they were top used and not rotated as they should have been. [And who was supposed to take from the bottom? not me!]  Now that I have learned to iron  it from damp to dry, no starch I spent Wednesday redampining the cloth and napkins with fond sweet tears as I prepared for my family Thanksgiving this year.  I miss my parents and others at the holidays, but as part of being thankful, I am happy they are in a much better place.  

My thanks to Jan of Bessiemary for the link to the little gobblers sitting mascots! Our best bites actually gave the directions and fun comments for the Oreo Turkeys and Pilgrim Hats on their site. My efforts are not as neat as theirs, but so far, a big hit...especially with the hubby!  

May you all have a wonderful, happy Holidy with your family and friends. I am thankful for so many things that I will save that litany for another time.  Later tonight or tomorrow I will share the days photos of what I am NOT stitching but cooking!  We will be 15 today, all my little turkeys and grand turkeys!


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Sara said...

such gorgeous linens!!! A treasure indeed!!! Happy thanksgiving!!