Thursday, November 4, 2010

Rainy Days

It's raining...I have two friends traveling distances today in this weather.  I hope they both have good trips and arrive safe and dry!

It is November! I can not believe it.  Where does time fly by?? My dear young grandson will be 4 months old in another cute he is and how happy his parents are. Love them all.

My fingers have been fiddlin with some stitching..nothing spectactular...but stitchin.  This is the time of year when I think about all of the 'going to make....for .....' as gifts and of course...they aren't done, started or supplies ready.  Just not my style to be early or done with anything before the last possible minute.  Not the best way to run a business of course, but my own life...keeps me sane!

Maxine/my philosophy:
" I consider myself liberal about some things;
Conservative about some things;
And I don't give a rat's ass about most things! "
[sorry the photo is so blurry...transfer??]

I voted...did you??  There is no room on a 'sewing' blog for political commentary [in my mind]. All I will say is that I voted, that then allows me to complain or argue with other votees. The non voter shall keep his/her mouth shut have the total priviledge of voting or not voting...your choice...but please do not comment on this wonderful country's state of affairs if you choose not to vote.  The coming days will be interesting to say the least.  God Bless and Keep the USA!!

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