Friday, December 31, 2010

Hats off to 2010--Welcome 2011

Hard to fathom that 2010 is done, 10 years of 21st century finished. Who would've thunk it??

I bow to a fellow blogger for her summary of accomplishments...Southern Matriarch 
Martha also does a great job of writing many of my same thoughts and wishes.  I suspect someday we will see her writings published on paper! Seriously dear lady, you should be snapped up!!
Martha accomplishes so much with regards to stitching, and her tutorials are wonderful. Enjoy reading her posts.

We do share one thing this year...becoming grandmothers! Her first grand daughter! my second grand son. I often ponder if we should match them up...they would make a fine pair!!

JJ in his romper...about 2 months old...only for the picture ;-(

Another wonderful teacher, friend and blogger [by the way, courtesy of Martha] is Jeannie B.  Old Fashioned Baby  If you are looking for wonderful patterns, ideas, photos, commentaries Jeannie has a very wonderful way of showing life as so beautiful.  Sometimes I just want to crawl into her photos to touch, smell or be there!

Let me not leave off one other very special blog that I follow.  And I admire this lady no end, as she has had a year of trials and continues to go forward with poise and joy in her postings.  BessieMary  Jan, I cannot fathom how you have managed to post, and bless us with your insights and more. I pray that your early Christmas miracle/surgery is a huge success and that God will keep you and your vision whole in the coming year.

This blog may be a bet scattered and often neglected.  I hope today, the end of 2010 will open a more organized and better presented writing schedule.  Not many of you follow me, but those who do, I appreciate you all. And for those who also have blogs, know that I do read them, enjoy them and spend far more time searching links and other things than writing my own.  Some days, it has to stop!! but then at 2am, I at it again.

JOIN ME in a Salute to 2010 and a big HELLO to 2011!!  HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE.

PS>>  between two computers, I managed to get his written...but can't find my music to add. So the HAPPY NEW YEAR  post/ card is where you hear one of my favorite pieces!

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