Monday, January 24, 2011

Baby it's cold outside

Baby it's cold outside...La la...we all know that song from holidays just past. It's not a Christmas song, but we only hear it during the December holidays.  Shame...because boy oh boy is it true today here in New Jersey!!  I am at home today, and my heater is running non stop with only 10 minutes between cycles, and this is a house of only 15 years with current insulation and such.  I dread my utility bill next month!!

Pictures of the Delaware bay down in Cape May County where I grew up.  Frozen waves on the shoreline. Something I only saw twice while growing up [many moons ago]!! While growing up, we always boasted of how 'warm' we could be even in the dead of winter...because the salt waters were always above freezing. Guess those days are not now!

Life is happening....things are is frightfully amazing....time for new ventures.  As this ice thaws, and changes so will there be some new happenings at the shoppe...stay tuned!!

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