Monday, January 17, 2011

New generation discovers pleasures of sewing - Style -


  This news story is courtesy of a good friend of mine from SAGA.  It supports the hope and promise that the younger generation and young MOM"S will discover the joys of sewing and making your own clothes.
  New generation discovers pleasures of sewing - Style - 
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  Even though I have far fewer followers than some, I sincerely hope my dear readers will pass this one on. Not often do I 'soap box' about sewing, but there are days when I wish our education system, our grand parents [myself included] would give our youngsters and young adults more chances and more exposure to the needle arts.  Today it may not help our pocketbooks as fabric/notions are costing more; but certainly it will help them understand why good clothing is costly if done right.

  Like knitting...sewing has not disappeared, it is [hopefully] starting on a comeback trip as more than just Crafting!  Quilting is one art of sewing, home decorating is another.  Clothing is [in my mind] a very personal defining and rewarding type of sewing art that can create memories for a lifetime along with self satisfaction.  As I sit and sew, or heart sings with memories of my grandmothers [one knitter, one sewing] my own mother and her wonderful creations for ME in my life. I pray and hope that my own children, girls and boys, will have memories along with the treasures I have created for them. And that they may create for their own.

NOW, if I could just have one little grand daughter to sew will be heaven.  Love my boys...but oh the girl things in my mind are bursting to be made.  [No pressure...just hoping]

Have a wonderful and happy day!!

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