Saturday, January 22, 2011

Thank you all dear readers's my birthday! I am another year older, no wiser, no thinner, and many other 'issues'.  My birthday celebrates many things...
  • My parents, Joseph and Maren, met during WWII, married in 45, and welcomed me in 53.  A big baby...[maybe why I continue the trend ;-) 10lbs plus.  Mom was odd...she breastfed me!! AH the wonders of Danish beliefs...back then!
  • My Sister, my friend, born three years later the day after my 3rd birthday party!! UH HUH...on the 23rd.  She tipped the scales too! over 11 lbs.  I do remember bits and pieces of mom not being home...heaven help us...I slept with my dad!!
  • Race ahead some years...and I celebrate my Husband  Hank of almost 32 years now. He has always made this day special in some way, good times, rough times.  Love you bunches dear man.
  • Then my four wonderful children...Michelle, who made my 28th birthday special, Joseph when I was 30, Bryan at 34 and dear dear Sarah Beth who made me [advanced maternal age] at 36!!  what would my life be without them?? very very empty.
  • And now I celebrate my sweet Daughter in law Danielle...she makes Joe so happy.
  • The absolute fun part of being older [still waiting to grow up] is grandsons.  Jonathan who made 48 a great year to be a grand mom; and now J>J> [Joe Jr} who at 6months is such sweet joy.
  • Add my friends to the celebration, and Life is good.
  • Stitching, running the shoppe, cooking, gardening, all the things that make a life good.  I celebrate!
Don't need any gifts, I live them all year long.  Thanks all for the good wishes.  Stay's gonna be another great year!!

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