Sunday, February 27, 2011


Check it out!!

32nd Annual Convention Information is also there!

As a member of the SAGA Board [as Region One Representative]
I am very proud of the new website and offer big Congratulations to
Vaune and everyone who made it happen!

SAGA is more than is much more.
Come see what you can learn and do with SAGA!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Sunshine

Just because he takes such cute photos...and such a charmer.  This assortment were taken and he shows no signs of the 'earache' that he had to be having.  IF I could get my camera and my feeding hand to work together, he has such a cute face when eating his meals...but these are in a sequence of sorts that show the ...ready...start...what? and ALL DONE!! 
Happy Sunday folks!!

The bib says it all!!

Wait for what??? WHERE???

Where's the food???

ALL Done and cleaned up...he really is a very neat eater...
7 months old...and very very good!!

Just wait...the teeth will be here soon!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Not a Sewing tidbit...but a first...

Well, yesterday was my first visit with a new medical practice.  Not having medical insurance for almost 3 years, I have done alot of praying and hoping for the best with my health. Now, starting with a new doc is not something I take lightly.  So after much discussion, we picked a group that our son and daughter in law use, plus her parents etc. 

I called and got an appointment for next day...whoo hoo...good job...other practices have been...well let's plan for 1 month from now. I digress...

Got it together [and took the grandson/baby] and arrived on time. [not my usual habit]. Did the paper work...and to see the Nurse Practicioner within 15 minutes.  It's a good day.  Weight check...welll...we can skip that part...we know what that is.  But wow...the BP check...normal range...YAHOO. only  problem....ankle swelling...which has been around for a while now...ever since my first pregnancy 30 years ago...;-(

So now I am the proud recepient/owner of my first 'mature'? daily prescription.  A mild diuretic.  Starting tomorrow...I guess I am supposed to feel 'grown up' now...NOT...and no I do not feel 'mature' either. 
Guess that [maturity] may have to come later.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Another 'sample' started!

Sweet Memories--quilt and accessories
by Brenda Karon Shade

This lovely design book arrived today in the shop.
It's been available for a while,
 I didn't figure heirloom sewing customers would be interested.
I was wrong. 
A customer asked me to get it in. I did.
NOW I am starting one of the ideas for a Sample. 
The Pillow dress is smocked and embroidered, just too cute.
So I have the fabric, threads, beads [yes there are beads]
and will get started on following the directions.

Embroidery first, smocking second, construction [ including pin tucked bodice] and then we shall see what my version looks like.  The photo is in pinks...I am leaning to doing the bows in blue with the pink roses. BLUE is one of my favorite colors.
Photos of the work in progress tomorrow...

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Mom...

1953...January birthday.  Thanks to my mom of course.
2002...February passed away in the early morning.  I was there, it was quiet.
She was peaceful, out of pain, and beautiful.  Now with my dad and all who have gone before. 
This gives me peace. 

Today I miss her sometimes more than I ever thought possible...nine years later. 
Still I thank her for all she gave, did and taught me. 
My love of needle and thread, cooking, the finer things in life,
 the need for a good education, and the simple things. 
I wish she could share the joy of her great grandsons,
the pride of Jon whom she did hold as a baby as he proudly shows his A's in school. 
And to see her great grandson JJ...named after his dad who is named after my dad...Joe. 
 What joy she wold have in him.
I know she sees us all from above,
 I just wish we could hear her voice and laughter.

Today I will celebrate her memory as best I can.
Selfishly, I just wish for one more hug...I miss you mom.

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Many years I have talked about Internet shopping.  And I am working on it for the website.  But in the meantime...for those who know my shop or know me, today is SUPER BOWL SUNDAY SALE!  35 % off most everything in the shop.  Laces, fabrics, patterns, magazines, books.  Truthfully, it gives customers the chance at getting everything almost at my original price!  Helps me make room for new choices. 

FOUR HOURS ONLY... 12-4 pm...and Phone orders will be time stamped.  Please be patient as it will most likely be my dear Hubby on the phone while I cut and pack!! And there is only one phone you may experience a very old fashioned tone...BUSY...LOL  800-753-6046  or 609-261-5589.


And who do you thing will be the Super Bowl Champ??  It is not important, but promises to be a good game!! What will you be stitching while watching?? I have some smocking and some knitting that will keep me in my seat...but will I get it done??