Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Another 'sample' started!

Sweet Memories--quilt and accessories
by Brenda Karon Shade

This lovely design book arrived today in the shop.
It's been available for a while,
 I didn't figure heirloom sewing customers would be interested.
I was wrong. 
A customer asked me to get it in. I did.
NOW I am starting one of the ideas for a Sample. 
The Pillow dress is smocked and embroidered, just too cute.
So I have the fabric, threads, beads [yes there are beads]
and will get started on following the directions.

Embroidery first, smocking second, construction [ including pin tucked bodice] and then we shall see what my version looks like.  The photo is in pinks...I am leaning to doing the bows in blue with the pink roses. BLUE is one of my favorite colors.
Photos of the work in progress tomorrow...

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Emily M said...

Please post pictures as you progress. I love the idea of this design with the 3-D dresses.