Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Mom...

1953...January 22....my birthday.  Thanks to my mom of course.
2002...February 8....mom passed away in the early morning.  I was there, it was quiet.
She was peaceful, out of pain, and beautiful.  Now with my dad and all who have gone before. 
This gives me peace. 

Today I miss her sometimes more than I ever thought possible...nine years later. 
Still I thank her for all she gave, did and taught me. 
My love of needle and thread, cooking, the finer things in life,
 the need for a good education, and the simple things. 
I wish she could share the joy of her great grandsons,
the pride of Jon whom she did hold as a baby as he proudly shows his A's in school. 
And to see her great grandson JJ...named after his dad who is named after my dad...Joe. 
 What joy she wold have in him.
I know she sees us all from above,
 I just wish we could hear her voice and laughter.

Today I will celebrate her memory as best I can.
Selfishly, I just wish for one more hug...I miss you mom.

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