Monday, March 21, 2011

Triangle fire documentary on HBO

I don't get HBO but this is something to think about as we enjoy our freedom today to sit and sew. 
What was once the way of life for pennies changed with this day in history.
 I may have to subscribe to HBO for a day to view this!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pleating Fun on Sunday

First Communion time is approaching in May.  Time for a special dress for a special grand-daughter. [NOT mine...a customer] So she is planning on doing a beautiful dress she found in Sew Beautiful last year. It needs 26 rows pleated on silk [backed with German Interfacing]. Both items available in the shop.  AND I have a 32 row Read pleater [for the 26 rows of pleating.  Fabric and interfacing purchased.  Now it's up to me to pleat this dress front.  [cue music/Julie Andrews] OH HELP.

Creamy white Silk with German Interfacing ready for pleating
..rolling on long curtain rod.
Now, in the course of discussion, it was noted that grandma is doing a size 12 dress, for a large 8 year old.  So we decided that since the bodice is 13 inches/plus we need to pleat all 32 rows, and this is along a 2 1/4 yard length of silk. [81 inches the pattern said!].  Have any idea how much silk that is?? to roll on a long dowel.  sheeshhh.


This is the 32 row Read Pleater
Notice the missing Handle on the left?

The handle messed up the feeding of the
fabric...scotch tape to cover the 'dirty' threads!

Everything started just fine! and look how nice and even it is going !

Remember my NEW FRIEND...this is why!! Grabbing that little bit of selvedge was not happening in those tight quarters with my fingers!! The picture is fuzzzy since holding tweezers and taking a photo...well you try it...;-) But those little tips sure worked wonders!!

Well it went on and on and on...a little bit of shifting up at the top edge.
.but seriously, not a bubble, or any split pleats, missed pleats for the majority of the area!!

Another really goofy shot, but can you see the missing threads here?? TWO slipped out of the needle...even though I had long long tails . The fabric grabs those threads and as I pulled off the needles..the threads stayed in the fabric instead of slipping along...geez...Well..lucky it is on the lower/skirt side...near the side seam...and I was able to rethread the needles and finish.
My customer will just have to play with four or five pleats there when she works that area...
I don't want to redo 'silk'...the holes would be nasty.  

Just about at the end of the fabric!! LOOK>>>it is almost perfectly even at the end. 
Fabric shifts when you pleat. and when one person is controlling over 14 inches of fabric,
 32 needles, one handle, tweezer, and is a challenge!
And finishing with only a 1/3 of an inch difference from top to bottom??
I think that is purdy dagum good.
[Not really the words I was muttering earlier in the pleating...this fabric should be blushing some...LOL]

THIS is what 81 inches [2 1/4 yards] of silk looks like pleated with 32 rows!!
It covers just under 18 inches and should look absolutely great when smocked!!
Yes there is a dip up/down along the top is the nature of the gears and how they drive the fabric. The piece hangs straight!!

I love challenges. I also fear THIS PARTICULAR challenge each time I work it.  
But it took some patience, thought...
LOVE MY NEW FRIEND...[the tweezers]
and  now I will no longer consider 32 row pleating [solo] impossible. 

One last shot...see the roll of fabric on the curtain rod...propped up with some books so it stays level with the pleater....a big key tip for this 'solo' pleater today!!
Maybe in all my new found free time after the shop closes, I will pleat a piece for me to make a pretty communion dress for a 'someday' maybe grand daughter.  We shall see...

The dress will be a version of Janice Gilberts dress in
Issue 128 [?] of Sew Beautiful, 2010.
  It uses the Pasquale Pattern designed by Laura Jenkins Thompson. 
I hope to see photos of the finished product...I will share I promise!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Closing yet opening

The days to March 25th move on. Two weeks, 14 days from today, the doors close.  No more walking in to see this:
A small space packed full of sewing treasures and inspirations!

Another look:

A cupboard full of laces, ribbons, and more.

There is also inspiration from customers:

Two piece ensemble in Featherwale Cord.
Children's Corner Samantha Jumper with
Applique design from Jacket repeated.
Children's Corner Robins' Jacket with
Applique design from the pattern.
Featherwale Corduroy lined with Imperial Broadcloth.
Hillcreek Buttons..
This customer's story is a seperate post!!

Even with wistful thoughts and memories the UPS MAN arrives!!

Packages of fabric...lots of fabric...replenishing what has been purchased in a type of 'panic' shopping as the shop prepares to close.  Unpacked:

All the pinks and blues that are standard for a specialty Heirloom sewing shoppe.  We will have this on the internet!   That's all folks...for now.  More in the days to come. Photos, memories, inspirations!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dreaming of the day

Dare I say it? This is where you will find me this summer...under an umbrella near the sea.
I am a shore girl...grew up at the shore...learned to swim in the ocean..
Had tan lines year round because we spent all the summer outside!

As I am dealing with closing the shop and trying to see ahead,
 my brain keeps saying..
.beach, ocean, salt air, warm nights.
And I wonder, will I head 'home' in a manner
of speaking? 

See me? Under the white umbrella...soon.

I want to get to SUMMER!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Global Notifications

This is the postcard that will be mailed out this week.  It is also in the email newsletter that will be sent. And it is added to the website.  Everyone will be sick of it by months end I am sure, but it is what is happening now. 

It is always amazing to me how life's plan is not always what I [we] think it should be.  This closing was NOT on my calendar for now. It wasn't even in my mind for any time soon.

But, I believe God has his 'daytimer' plan, and this is how he sees my life moving forward.  It took some mental anguish and sleepless nights for me to understand that it needed to happen now. And once the decision was made...I slept. As the days move forward to March 25th, I am understanding more of how I need to let HIS Hands direct my life.

Sadly, I admit that over the last few years, three or so, I have left God out of my life. Not completely out, but certainly not invited in as much as I should.  Mea Culpa Mea Culpa Mea Culpa.  I see now, as in the Footprints poem, that I have been in His arms all along.  Nowhere do I see my footprints, but surely HIS.  Thank you God, this prodigal daughter is glad YOU have not abandoned me. 

As a Roman Catholic, I have been educated in my church's beliefs and practices.  Not all of them do I agree with, nor do I believe that the mortals who make these rules have all the knowledge.  I do however believe that they are guided, as we all are, by our Lords gentle hands, to help the many live their lives to the fullest.  As I look back over my events in my life, I see His hands, His love, His beauty happening over and over again.  I do not see vengeance or anger, though there are a few times when I now see frustration [with me?] which made the events [at that moment] so critical for me to [re] open my heart to His direction.

No I do not read my Bible daily.  I don't always pray daily, though I am sure my thoughts are often a prayer of sorts.  But I do know this, that I am again, putting my life, my avocation [the shoppe], my health, my family and more in God's hands to show me what comes next.  This is how I know I will find the right answers and the right direction to take in the days ahead. 

My gratitude to my family, friends, customers, followers, is un-ending. My dream is not dead, just taking some time to review and regroup.  I trust we will see it blossom more in due time.  When is not the question...Where is the first part. When it is time will be the right time.

My intention here is not to preach, but to voice my feelings about this situation and how I am handling it.  The only sane way that I see.  As this launches out to all..and more via Face book and this blog, I hope you all will take time to see how maybe, all of us need to invite the Divine presence into our daily lives.


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Stitched with love

Click on above for link!

Sharing a link about a sister chapter of SAGA.
Congratulations to the Dogwood Chapter of Charlotte, North Carolina.