Friday, March 11, 2011

Closing yet opening

The days to March 25th move on. Two weeks, 14 days from today, the doors close.  No more walking in to see this:
A small space packed full of sewing treasures and inspirations!

Another look:

A cupboard full of laces, ribbons, and more.

There is also inspiration from customers:

Two piece ensemble in Featherwale Cord.
Children's Corner Samantha Jumper with
Applique design from Jacket repeated.
Children's Corner Robins' Jacket with
Applique design from the pattern.
Featherwale Corduroy lined with Imperial Broadcloth.
Hillcreek Buttons..
This customer's story is a seperate post!!

Even with wistful thoughts and memories the UPS MAN arrives!!

Packages of fabric...lots of fabric...replenishing what has been purchased in a type of 'panic' shopping as the shop prepares to close.  Unpacked:

All the pinks and blues that are standard for a specialty Heirloom sewing shoppe.  We will have this on the internet!   That's all folks...for now.  More in the days to come. Photos, memories, inspirations!!

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