Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Global Notifications

This is the postcard that will be mailed out this week.  It is also in the email newsletter that will be sent. And it is added to the website.  Everyone will be sick of it by months end I am sure, but it is what is happening now. 

It is always amazing to me how life's plan is not always what I [we] think it should be.  This closing was NOT on my calendar for now. It wasn't even in my mind for any time soon.

But, I believe God has his 'daytimer' plan, and this is how he sees my life moving forward.  It took some mental anguish and sleepless nights for me to understand that it needed to happen now. And once the decision was made...I slept. As the days move forward to March 25th, I am understanding more of how I need to let HIS Hands direct my life.

Sadly, I admit that over the last few years, three or so, I have left God out of my life. Not completely out, but certainly not invited in as much as I should.  Mea Culpa Mea Culpa Mea Culpa.  I see now, as in the Footprints poem, that I have been in His arms all along.  Nowhere do I see my footprints, but surely HIS.  Thank you God, this prodigal daughter is glad YOU have not abandoned me. 

As a Roman Catholic, I have been educated in my church's beliefs and practices.  Not all of them do I agree with, nor do I believe that the mortals who make these rules have all the knowledge.  I do however believe that they are guided, as we all are, by our Lords gentle hands, to help the many live their lives to the fullest.  As I look back over my events in my life, I see His hands, His love, His beauty happening over and over again.  I do not see vengeance or anger, though there are a few times when I now see frustration [with me?] which made the events [at that moment] so critical for me to [re] open my heart to His direction.

No I do not read my Bible daily.  I don't always pray daily, though I am sure my thoughts are often a prayer of sorts.  But I do know this, that I am again, putting my life, my avocation [the shoppe], my health, my family and more in God's hands to show me what comes next.  This is how I know I will find the right answers and the right direction to take in the days ahead. 

My gratitude to my family, friends, customers, followers, is un-ending. My dream is not dead, just taking some time to review and regroup.  I trust we will see it blossom more in due time.  When is not the question...Where is the first part. When it is time will be the right time.

My intention here is not to preach, but to voice my feelings about this situation and how I am handling it.  The only sane way that I see.  As this launches out to all..and more via Face book and this blog, I hope you all will take time to see how maybe, all of us need to invite the Divine presence into our daily lives.


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