Saturday, April 23, 2011

Australian Magazine is here

My supply of ASE 94 has arrived!!
When I say there are three or four outfits that I am absolutely itching to make up, tells you this issue is great.

A few other things in stock or arriving soon:
LARGE spools of DMC 50 white!
Metler Silk finish 50 white
Schmetz Microsharp 60 needles [sewing machine]
That purple thang...can't sew without this!
ONE 10 inch sit upon [German made] hoop.
This hoop is meant for quilting pieces...10 inches, but
there are smaller hoops available...just have to get them in!!

Life happens....pages is the Easter season...time for renewal.
The shoppe is packed away for the home is being packed to move.
Family situations make for some difficult times,
but we hope and pray that this too will pass soon.

I wish you all a wonderful Spring Holiday!
My most recent stitching accomplishment:
A baby shower gift for a friend of my daughter.
Baby comes soon, this is a summer top and pants!
Smocked with roses.
They are centered...not my best camera efforts


Friday, April 22, 2011

Holy Days

Holy Thursday evening mass celebrates Jesus giving us His precious body and blood to remember him by.  A two hour celebration with washing of feet and beautiful music and more.  The joy of this remembrance precedes the sorrow of Good Friday. 

Holy Saturday, quiet time of reflection and waiting.  Waiting for  Sunrise...and the empty tomb.  When we will celebrate again with fanfare and trumpets.

1970---a great musical version

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Gifts Received

Posted by PicasaTote Bag from a Friend
Filled with some lovely goodies...Choclate [yummy]
Reusable/GREAT cold drinking cup w/straw and lid
Light reading ..
And this precious handmade card about Ladybugs:

Blurry no?  Well that is how I read it each time with tears of both happy/sad.
It says:

Spot New opportunities
Spend time in your Garden
Be well rounded
Enjoy the wonders of nature
Don't let the small things bug you
Keep family close by
Be simply beautiful

This goes back to the last day in the shoppe...wonderful friends and fun times remembered.

24 hours later this is what the shoppe looked like:

Heirloom, Swiss and more bagged for truck ..sigh

End of the day...EMPTY

And the truck of fabric looked like this:

There was more...bolts and tubes ...but this is the majority of fabric! Consider most of it is two deep!
My movers [translate-family] were impressed at how much there really is!

Frannie and Grace Knott Hat by my friend Dot.
The last project from Fridays at the shoppe
I miss my Fridays

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Time races on and on and on

April 14th---where oh where has time run off to? Two weeks ago I was trying to sort and find things to pack for my 'ME-cation' with stitching friends.  THREE weeks ago [ALREADY?] I was packing things at the shoppe for the move out.  ;-{ those things/boxes are waiting for me to resort and finish storing!! when??}
I digress...the point is time is just racing on and on.  Now we are headed to Easter..and I have done NOT one stitch of Easter sewing. [YET]   sssiiigghhh

For those who are waiting patiently for the internet store/shoppe to open, you will need some more patience. As I have said many many times, LIFE HAPPENS.  And for this proprietor it is happening way too much.  Just trying to grab this little bit of 'online' time is making today's work plan jumble yet again. Not a complaint, just statement of fact. So the online store is on the 'list' of work things. It will happen...hopefully by Easter.

Along with closing the Mt. Holly shop, my family is also in the process of getting ready to move to a new home. So you can only imagine what moving boxes IN has done to the plan for moving OUT. ;-}  It is very interesting to me that life happens in spurts, stutters and waves.  Right now...I call this a TSUNAMI for this family.  The rumblings are moving into the roaring waves.  Faithful readers, more to come. 

The Me-cation was wonderful, quiet, reflective, lots of fun with friends and stitching projects. We also made a dent in some shopping excursions...more projects [sigh]...that now are heading into boxes. I highly recommend some version of days away with no 'plans' other than needle n thread. I have no photos as my camera died, but there are some snaps on the cell phone...we shall see if I can get those up.  maybe.

Now it is time to move on and take hold of some box and do 'something' with it.  Where oh where have my 'genies, fairies, magicians' gone??