Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Gifts Received

Posted by PicasaTote Bag from a Friend
Filled with some lovely goodies...Choclate [yummy]
Reusable/GREAT cold drinking cup w/straw and lid
Light reading ..
And this precious handmade card about Ladybugs:

Blurry no?  Well that is how I read it each time with tears of both happy/sad.
It says:

Spot New opportunities
Spend time in your Garden
Be well rounded
Enjoy the wonders of nature
Don't let the small things bug you
Keep family close by
Be simply beautiful

This goes back to the last day in the shoppe...wonderful friends and fun times remembered.

24 hours later this is what the shoppe looked like:

Heirloom, Swiss and more bagged for truck ..sigh

End of the day...EMPTY

And the truck of fabric looked like this:

There was more...bolts and tubes ...but this is the majority of fabric! Consider most of it is two deep!
My movers [translate-family] were impressed at how much there really is!

Frannie and Grace Knott Hat by my friend Dot.
The last project from Fridays at the shoppe
I miss my Fridays
Joyous Passover and Happy Easter to all..

The shoppe will bloom again, when is the question.
The memories are the gifts received
Thanks to all for staying in touch!
More news soon.

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