Sunday, December 25, 2011

Blessed Joyful Christmas to all

In the stillness of that night, long, long ago....a mother gently swaddles her newborn baby...counting fingers and toes, remarking at the long eyelashes....the dimple here or there..
all moms do it and marvel at the wonder of it all. This is such an ordinarily extraordinary event but so much more that night.
 Mary held God incarnate, Emanuel.
 The savior is born...But on that night, he is just a baby, yet So much more. 
Don't you just wonder at this?
 Merry Christmas friends!

Enjoy a tribute to Mary and her newborn son:

Disclaimer: Thank you to Terry Campbell for these wonderful sentiments.
You put a voice to my heart and soul this Christmas morning.
Mothers and women the world over understand Mary's importance in this world changing event.  
Thank you Google for the images and U-tube for the video.
Mahvelous technical treats! 

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