Sunday, December 11, 2011

Gaudete Sunday = REJOICE or JOY

Happy PINK Sunday of Advent.  I wish I had our pastor's homily to put here. A very thought provoking and educational talk on the reasons for, the need for and the JOY of Pink Sunday or Gaudete Sunday in churches around the world.

The short version...historically at one time, Advent was another Lent..lasting 40 days before Christmas with the whole fasting and no meat eating, doing penance etc.  Sometime [back ] it was decided to put some 'JOY' in the middle of Advent and stop all the gloomy, penance, sad faces.  SO...tickle somebody pink, make someone laugh, share joy with someone this week.  The Christ child is happy. not sad.

Of course, there was more to the lesson, but why pink?  For JOY...Rejoicing!! and celebrating He who comes.  Only two weeks left! Hope all are rejoicing!!

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