Monday, June 16, 2014

Summer 2014 sewing

Now that we are living in a real house, with a real basement and all of our 'treasures' or 'stuff' or junk is here...I am digging into some of 'to do' boxes. Like this one:
A pink snap box from? 1990?? 
Inside--fabric, patterns pinned to fabric and cut out, patterns in plastic bags.
My original..'dream' box of christening gowns. 

So I sorted them all out:
Two 'big three' patterns, one smocked one plain, and a 'sample' gown from when I had my little shoppe a few years back. 

Discovered that all the parts are there, some started [pieces which I have removed for reasons ]. 
I adjusted and reorganized the smocked gown..I had cut it out wrong...hmm. But the smocking was done and lovely!
So I am started on my self pledge to 'destash, finish, trash' my sewing collection this summer. 
So far I am on a good start: skirt attached to new yoke to lining pieces along with ample mini piping applied...but it's time to stop now..the late night sewing is no longer my best work. 
[my eyes just complain loudly after 9 pm]. 
Here is what is done so far:

Not bad for a very well marinated collection of pieces..;-)

I may just finish this so it can go into the county fair. Question is..should i say 'vintage' sewing?? or just 10 year effort?  No's fun to just stitch things to stitch. How about you??