Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Family Happenings

Sew...remember the bride and groom in March?
They bought a HOUSE!!
A cute little place in Browns Mills, about 16 miles from our house
in Mount Holly. 
Are they happy homeowners?? OF course..
Are they broke?? OF COURSE 
Are they dreaming of redos?? Naturally
Are they still newly weds?? YES
Is the family growing? We hope so.

Let's see what else has been happening this summer:
The newly weds hosted Memorial Day which was lovely .
The WHOLE Eveland family was together along with a few
Buccheri members. It was fun watching all the youngsters get along.
We all met Bryan's new squeeze..Morgan and her daughter Kimberly. 

June passed into July...I spent the end of June and beginning of July keeping our nephew Tom company while his mom and sister went on a vacation to Denmark. We facetimed with them every evening which was a real modern day connection!!  We even celebrated 4th of July with them via the internet!! It is an amazing world.

Then in mid July we learned that this earlier announcement:

 JJ is happy to be a big brother and his parents are excited that it will be a sister! This Mom mom is sewing up a storm...as you can imagine!!

Now we head into August...what news will come?? 
Oh there is more...but I am not allowed to say. 
I ask anyone who knows and reads here to keep us all in your thoughts and prayers. There have also been some upsets and tough things that have come this way. But those things are settling down and we will discuss them later. 

Soon we will be saying where did the summer go!!

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