Thursday, September 4, 2014

75 years

Seventy Five Years later it is showing again!!
I am going and eating popcorn and drinking soda and candy!!

And yes I will be giant box of tissues please.

Ever since I read the novel back in 1967..and sobbed through the last chapters, I have loved loved this story.

My mother took pity on me and took me to see it in Philadelphia for it's 30th anniversary in 1967. I remember as we left the theater I was determined to write Mr. Gable.  Mom laughed herself silly...she did say if I found his address let her know. He was in Heaven.
SIGH I am going to the movies again. To fall in love with Mr. Gable. To enjoy Mammy's common sense. 
To cry with Melanie and Scarlett and Mr. O' Hara. 

Am I a crazy lady...sure...but it is a tremendous story and fabulous movie. 

Also, now I go with a much greater appreciation for the costuming and the 
HEIRLOOM styles/sewing of that Civil War period. 

[Fun 16 I also had a 19 inch waist..yes I did]

Just sigh...OH Rhett

September 28th and October 1st.
You may see me at  all shows.

"Frankly my dear...I don't give a Damn.."