Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Christmas 2015

There is no where to begin...and it feels as though it will never end. The numb, empty, hole left where once you lived.  Stunned, shocked, angry, sad, miserable are these moments.

April 21, 1979---to----December 22, 2015...36 years, 8 months and 1 day...however many days that is...were all 'our' days...together.

Four 6 grandchildren...all wonderful. I get to stay and watch [I hope], you are watching also. I pray you are at peace and enjoying eternal paradise. I believe in God and Jesus Christ, I think you did too.

Rest in Peace my dear husband.  Go with God. I love you and I miss you so much.

Monday, November 23, 2015

My Magazine came of them

This arrived this the middle of trying to clean the house! Stopped me dead in my's a sickness I tell you.

      This would be the newest addiction in my life. Fixes only available four times a year...but what the fix contains...fabulous.

Because there are still many subscribers waiting for their own issues, I dare not share the 'inside' stories.  However, let me say, those who enjoy fine heirloom, fancy, awe inspiring sewing, will not be disappointed.

My 'want to do' list is growing exponentially and I have only had the magazine for just over three hours.  But more than that, I want to share and do so much with this. Anyone who wants to learn the fine aspects of sewing, this will be a good magazine to help you. I learned from previous magazines, but this one is detailed in many different ways. Nothing against it's predecessors, you did lead the way---Creative Needle, Sew Beautiful, even Australian Smocking...this one has many of the 'best things' of days gone by.

Kudos to the contributing stitchers...Claudia Newton, Michie Mooney, Connie Palmer, Gail Doane, Debbie Glenn, Laurie Anderson, Janet Gilbert, Kathy Dykstra, ...all of you I know personally, along with Lezette Thomason, Martha Campbell Pullen..what wonderful pieces and lessons you have given here.

And there is more than just projects, information, supply sources, helpful notes. And for the internet crowd...additional tidbits for magazine users!! All of it along with a separate pattern envelope!! AMEN to that...and 8 pages of sewing directions.

If gushing on is too much for you, I can't stop, but I will .  December 8th will see a full and special display at Barnes and Noble. I think I have to go and see if it moves off the shelf as I think it will.  Happy Stitching all!!

Friday, November 20, 2015

A copy of my other blog post...or why I stalk the mailman!

Yes it is true, I spend way WAY too much time on the computer!!
Often resulting in my own frustration at the lack of stitching, cooking, baking, cleaning not done.  But then there are days when I find fun stuff!! LIKE:

The next issue of saga news is in the mail...this is the cover:

I see/spy some great ideas, along with I know exactly who two of the designers will be!! lol  I will keep my opinions quiet until I see the credits. 

THEN there is this publication in the mail:
Classic Sewing still by heart and soul.
According to Facebook, there are some in the 'southern' states who have received their copies already. Since it is mailed from guess is the 'yankee' truck gets left to last.  [just kidding] I can hardly contain myself for wanting these magazines to arrive!!

The cover dress is a Gail Doane design. She will be here in NJ in May!!

 And then there is this to look forward to in September 2016...SAGA's national Convention in Hampton Virginia.  I do like this Logo...
Now I just realized I have this all written for the Holly Berries blog.  Well it will also appear on my Sewing snips it is all about the stitching....

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Wee Care Bonnets for SAGA

September is National Sewing Month...and yes I have done some sewing, mending etc. Actually have spent more time trying to clean up and organize the sewing room/area AGAIN...sigh. Never ending cycle you know that.

But as September draws to a close [yikes] I am getting ready for the SAGA retreat in Valley Forge Pennsylvania.  Part of that getting ready is helping to supply 'kits' for a small Wee Care bonnet that an attendee can smock while enjoying down time at the retreat.  Seriously...the down time is limited...there is always something going on...but these are tiny bonnets for the smallest of angels.  [Look for the Wee Care label on the left side of the SAGA website]

As I also post on Facebook..many asked for the directions for these bonnets. So I wrote a note, which is the most basic of directions. But for those of you who do not frequent or join Facebook, I share it here.  Along with the photos.

Later I will post a finished bonnet...if I get to finish one...sometime soon.

In the you are...hope you are encouraged to try one.

Pleating half spaces, note the Machine shell tuck
edge feeding on the groove; also the folded
fabric .
Daisy chain pleating..using my box.

Fifteen pleated bonnets ready for smocking!

The bonnets are for the tiny preemies...Here is what I did. You can expand/ alter the size as you see fit. Fabric is 5 inchs by 19 long; I folded approx 3/4 inch on one long side; Machine Shell tucked the edge... Roll and whip other long edge, and short sides. Create casing on opposing long side. Pleat with 4-5 half spaces positioning the first needle about 1/4 inch from tucked edge. [Tucked edge will roll through a needle space...I don't like having to spread on long threads]. Pull up to 5-6 inches and smock. 1/8 ribbon in casing...1/4-1/2 inch for ties. the pleating/smocking keeps the folded hem stable... can increase the size by adding length, and width. At one time, there was a marvelous size description written by Maggie Bunch that gives a very good size comparison for preemie babies and small infant size heads. I am personally acquainted with size as I worked for many years as a Labor and Delivery/ OB/ and Nursery nurse. Maggie however has a good visualization for you. IF I find it I will add it here!!

I do not mind if you share...these are general notes..simple instructions. I do mind if anyone gains profit...this is all done as a gift of sharing with love. Please respect that premise 

Monday, September 14, 2015

Grandchildren and more

Monday: September 14, 2015...the day after Grandparents Day.  And we had 'Sunday' Dinner at Mom mom and Pop pop's house yesterday!  I enjoyed the day, noisy and just wonderful to have our children and grands here. Much how I have envisioned my Sundays.  Maybe, just maybe we will start a trend...once a month?

Grandchildren are the pot of gold in my life these days. We have a new grandson, Brantley Caden Eveland...born August 31st, all 9 lbs. 8 oz. and 21 inches long!!

Just a short two weeks later at Mom mom's house:

Growing and being part of the family!! 
Speaking of growing...our two girls are leaping ahead!

Mackenzie [red] is 9 months old...has first tooth! and is starting that wonderful thing called 'walking'..look out world!!
Brooke [white] is 7 months old...babbling up a storm, crawling, laughing, and is getting taller...30 inches her dad's to ?modeling? or basketball??

With Bryan's wedding we added another grand daughter Kimberley, big sister to Brantley, and a great cousin to JJ...don't have that photo to share but here is Kim with her baby brother.

JJ is in Kindergarten now...5 years old..what happened to the years??
Loves his little always will..but we are just all know how that goes ! 

Our oldest grandson is 14..Jonathan. He wasn't here yesterday...missed him. He is a typical teen explanation needed.  Loves his sister Brooke and is becoming one very good looking young man!
February time...Look at how Brooke has grown!!

So..that's the recent snips of life as they are growing! I have been busy babysitting full time since March. Since Labor Day, I have stopped...only doing one day a week with Mackenzie. Always ON call for any of them if able. 

As has been habit for over 50 years, September is the 'new year' for starts, summer ends, fall arrives. Back to sewing meetings, holiday preparations, and more.  And with all new years, I am hoping to keep up and blog just a bit more, along with sewing some more, reading some more, and living some more.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Second Son's Wedding

Our Bryan married his love Morgan yesterday!

To some it is a whirlwind romance, they only met last year.

And the whirlwind will continue as they will be welcoming a son:
Brantley  in September. 

It's been a hectic few months, the day was lovely! 
The party was fun,

Now we celebrate Father's Day...and older son's birthday!

I did make her gown. He didn't see it..,.only her
God Bless their life forever!!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Not Just Flag day...My Mother's Birthday

Mom came from Denmark just before WWII.
Met my dad in Miami Florida..
Married in 1945..
I was born in sister in 1956.
We lived for over 25 years a block or two from the New Jersey Shore.

Flag Day meant Strawberries...and celebrating her birthday.
Many years it went by with little or no fanfare...
except for the strawberries.

1956-57 I believe.
My dad loved doing self portraits..

Happy Birthday Heaven.
Miss you and dad both.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Easter 2015 in Music

Wishing everyone a 
Easter 2015.

Music as story telling has always been a favorite of mine. 
This is a good one!

My Easter sewing is done.
Photos to come soon!!

Enjoy the Holiday All!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

September 2014 to January 2015- four months in hiding? Forgotten post!

Let me splain Lucy!!  [Do you remember I Love Lucy!]

It's been four months since I last wrote.  Time just seems to run on and fly by, even though I might at times feel as though I am sitting still.  Admittedly, I do get lost in my sewing, knitting, smocking, embroidery.  Some of which has paid a few bills...thank you all.  But most of it is my own desire, dreams etc.  

My best excuse was the end of October when I traveled to Richmond Virginia. I attended a three day class at Chadwick's Heirlooms under the watchful eye of Gail Doane.  We [translated I] learned oh so much and had a fabulous time.  Who knew pinless sewing was so easy??  The dress and jacket remain unfinished, as I came home to finishing up and catching up on baby things for the two grand daughters. [Baby Shower gifts]. And along with that did a Mary Poppins dress for a young girls pageant. 

There went November...finished off with a full house for Thanksgiving dinner...a good time for all!

In between all this I was enjoying my first ever Bible Study group. Learned and enjoyed so much finding the Gospel of Luke so enlightening.

Then there are my SAGA chapters: Holly Berries, Princeton Pleaters, Garden State, and yes I travel to Maryland for Chesapeake Treasures. Sorta kinda keeps me busy in spurts!! So now we are in December...and getting ready for Christmas..which always sets me on my heels as all my dreams and inspired plans go to waste as the days race by. sigh And this year was not so good. There are two bags of unfinished 'gifts' that dog gone it..I need to finish at least for 2015 Christmas..LOL

And in the early days of this past December, our 'peanut' as I call her..arrived just a few days before she was 'supposed' to.  ISN"T she a doll:???

This is her five week photo...and she is too sweet to describe.  I don't get to gobble her up nearly as much as I would like!! But soon, very soon, we will spend our days together as I get to babysit her when mommy returns to work.  Promises to be it was with her big brother JJ who adores 'His Girl".  LOL

Our home was full full full Christmas day with everyone including peanut. 15 of us total in one room!! [for dinner]. Snug yes, but oh so good.  I hope it created some good, really good memories and feelings for all.

So this post was forgotten...It should have preceded the 'Time Flies' .Hope it 'splains' it.

Time flies...

Two blessings!

Some days life just goes flying by.
And it turns into weeks, months, even years.
2014 was full of busy...
Michelle and Ron were Married in March.
I sewed for that

Then we were thrilled to hear that not only Danielle and Joe were expecting,
SO too were Michelle and Ron!!

And before you know it..Mackenzie Margaret arrived December 5th.

And Christmas came and went.
We had a full house/table for Christmas Dinner!
[can't get the photo to load here--sigh]

We waited and waited...I kept stitching..and knitting and more..[I will write on that later]

And then..February 6th, Brooke Maren arrived!

So this past Sunday was Mackenzie's Baptism day.
This Mom mom was so proud to have them both in arms wearing their own special dresses.  Nine weeks apart, my hope is they will be close cousins.

Love my children and in laws.
Have to admit, Love my grands more than I can ever say.


Mackenzie's family all together...aunts and uncles, cousins. Brother JJ wasn't happy.
So we didn't regroup for just our crowd.
[I phone photos, not always the best I fear]

Have to comment that when all the photos were going on, it made me think of days gone by with family and cousins. 

SO proud and happy to have then all together!!

Next event?  Bryan [w JJ] and Morgan [next to him] get married in June...
I have sewing to do!! 

Happy 2015!!