Tuesday, February 17, 2015

September 2014 to January 2015- four months in hiding? Forgotten post!

Let me splain Lucy!!  [Do you remember I Love Lucy!]

It's been four months since I last wrote.  Time just seems to run on and fly by, even though I might at times feel as though I am sitting still.  Admittedly, I do get lost in my sewing, knitting, smocking, embroidery.  Some of which has paid a few bills...thank you all.  But most of it is my own desire, dreams etc.  

My best excuse was the end of October when I traveled to Richmond Virginia. I attended a three day class at Chadwick's Heirlooms under the watchful eye of Gail Doane.  We [translated I] learned oh so much and had a fabulous time.  Who knew pinless sewing was so easy??  The dress and jacket remain unfinished, as I came home to finishing up and catching up on baby things for the two grand daughters. [Baby Shower gifts]. And along with that did a Mary Poppins dress for a young girls pageant. 

There went November...finished off with a full house for Thanksgiving dinner...a good time for all!

In between all this I was enjoying my first ever Bible Study group. Learned and enjoyed so much finding the Gospel of Luke so enlightening.

Then there are my SAGA chapters: Holly Berries, Princeton Pleaters, Garden State, and yes I travel to Maryland for Chesapeake Treasures. Sorta kinda keeps me busy in spurts!! So now we are in December...and getting ready for Christmas..which always sets me on my heels as all my dreams and inspired plans go to waste as the days race by. sigh And this year was not so good. There are two bags of unfinished 'gifts' that dog gone it..I need to finish at least for 2015 Christmas..LOL

And in the early days of this past December, our 'peanut' as I call her..arrived just a few days before she was 'supposed' to.  ISN"T she a doll:???

This is her five week photo...and she is too sweet to describe.  I don't get to gobble her up nearly as much as I would like!! But soon, very soon, we will spend our days together as I get to babysit her when mommy returns to work.  Promises to be fun..like it was with her big brother JJ who adores 'His Girl".  LOL

Our home was full full full Christmas day with everyone including peanut. 15 of us total in one room!! [for dinner]. Snug yes, but oh so good.  I hope it created some good, really good memories and feelings for all.

So this post was forgotten...It should have preceded the 'Time Flies' .Hope it 'splains' it.

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