Monday, September 14, 2015

Grandchildren and more

Monday: September 14, 2015...the day after Grandparents Day.  And we had 'Sunday' Dinner at Mom mom and Pop pop's house yesterday!  I enjoyed the day, noisy and just wonderful to have our children and grands here. Much how I have envisioned my Sundays.  Maybe, just maybe we will start a trend...once a month?

Grandchildren are the pot of gold in my life these days. We have a new grandson, Brantley Caden Eveland...born August 31st, all 9 lbs. 8 oz. and 21 inches long!!

Just a short two weeks later at Mom mom's house:

Growing and being part of the family!! 
Speaking of growing...our two girls are leaping ahead!

Mackenzie [red] is 9 months old...has first tooth! and is starting that wonderful thing called 'walking'..look out world!!
Brooke [white] is 7 months old...babbling up a storm, crawling, laughing, and is getting taller...30 inches her dad's to ?modeling? or basketball??

With Bryan's wedding we added another grand daughter Kimberley, big sister to Brantley, and a great cousin to JJ...don't have that photo to share but here is Kim with her baby brother.

JJ is in Kindergarten now...5 years old..what happened to the years??
Loves his little always will..but we are just all know how that goes ! 

Our oldest grandson is 14..Jonathan. He wasn't here yesterday...missed him. He is a typical teen explanation needed.  Loves his sister Brooke and is becoming one very good looking young man!
February time...Look at how Brooke has grown!!

So..that's the recent snips of life as they are growing! I have been busy babysitting full time since March. Since Labor Day, I have stopped...only doing one day a week with Mackenzie. Always ON call for any of them if able. 

As has been habit for over 50 years, September is the 'new year' for starts, summer ends, fall arrives. Back to sewing meetings, holiday preparations, and more.  And with all new years, I am hoping to keep up and blog just a bit more, along with sewing some more, reading some more, and living some more.

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