Sunday, September 27, 2015

Wee Care Bonnets for SAGA

September is National Sewing Month...and yes I have done some sewing, mending etc. Actually have spent more time trying to clean up and organize the sewing room/area AGAIN...sigh. Never ending cycle you know that.

But as September draws to a close [yikes] I am getting ready for the SAGA retreat in Valley Forge Pennsylvania.  Part of that getting ready is helping to supply 'kits' for a small Wee Care bonnet that an attendee can smock while enjoying down time at the retreat.  Seriously...the down time is limited...there is always something going on...but these are tiny bonnets for the smallest of angels.  [Look for the Wee Care label on the left side of the SAGA website]

As I also post on Facebook..many asked for the directions for these bonnets. So I wrote a note, which is the most basic of directions. But for those of you who do not frequent or join Facebook, I share it here.  Along with the photos.

Later I will post a finished bonnet...if I get to finish one...sometime soon.

In the you are...hope you are encouraged to try one.

Pleating half spaces, note the Machine shell tuck
edge feeding on the groove; also the folded
fabric .
Daisy chain pleating..using my box.

Fifteen pleated bonnets ready for smocking!

The bonnets are for the tiny preemies...Here is what I did. You can expand/ alter the size as you see fit. Fabric is 5 inchs by 19 long; I folded approx 3/4 inch on one long side; Machine Shell tucked the edge... Roll and whip other long edge, and short sides. Create casing on opposing long side. Pleat with 4-5 half spaces positioning the first needle about 1/4 inch from tucked edge. [Tucked edge will roll through a needle space...I don't like having to spread on long threads]. Pull up to 5-6 inches and smock. 1/8 ribbon in casing...1/4-1/2 inch for ties. the pleating/smocking keeps the folded hem stable... can increase the size by adding length, and width. At one time, there was a marvelous size description written by Maggie Bunch that gives a very good size comparison for preemie babies and small infant size heads. I am personally acquainted with size as I worked for many years as a Labor and Delivery/ OB/ and Nursery nurse. Maggie however has a good visualization for you. IF I find it I will add it here!!

I do not mind if you share...these are general notes..simple instructions. I do mind if anyone gains profit...this is all done as a gift of sharing with love. Please respect that premise 

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