Monday, November 23, 2015

My Magazine came of them

This arrived this the middle of trying to clean the house! Stopped me dead in my's a sickness I tell you.

      This would be the newest addiction in my life. Fixes only available four times a year...but what the fix contains...fabulous.

Because there are still many subscribers waiting for their own issues, I dare not share the 'inside' stories.  However, let me say, those who enjoy fine heirloom, fancy, awe inspiring sewing, will not be disappointed.

My 'want to do' list is growing exponentially and I have only had the magazine for just over three hours.  But more than that, I want to share and do so much with this. Anyone who wants to learn the fine aspects of sewing, this will be a good magazine to help you. I learned from previous magazines, but this one is detailed in many different ways. Nothing against it's predecessors, you did lead the way---Creative Needle, Sew Beautiful, even Australian Smocking...this one has many of the 'best things' of days gone by.

Kudos to the contributing stitchers...Claudia Newton, Michie Mooney, Connie Palmer, Gail Doane, Debbie Glenn, Laurie Anderson, Janet Gilbert, Kathy Dykstra, ...all of you I know personally, along with Lezette Thomason, Martha Campbell Pullen..what wonderful pieces and lessons you have given here.

And there is more than just projects, information, supply sources, helpful notes. And for the internet crowd...additional tidbits for magazine users!! All of it along with a separate pattern envelope!! AMEN to that...and 8 pages of sewing directions.

If gushing on is too much for you, I can't stop, but I will .  December 8th will see a full and special display at Barnes and Noble. I think I have to go and see if it moves off the shelf as I think it will.  Happy Stitching all!!


Kathy said...

They really did a wonderful job on this premier issue, didn't they?

Gege2twelve said...

Kathy, YES! They did an amazing job. And I'm still gushing over my copy. I'm so happy to find this early and plan new projects for my 'sweeties'! Thanks for all the love and work put into 'Classic Sewing'!