Thursday, July 28, 2016

45 was only yesterday wasn't it??

Wildwood Catholic High School Class of 1971.

We had a mini reunion on the Delaware bay side of Town Bank, North Cape May Tuesday evening.  And we had a good time. There are more funny photos of getting ready for the one above than I can say.  Making me giggle every time I look them over.  

The fun and amazing part, it all started with one classmate asking another [internet] classmate to get together for a drink [or two.three??]. In less than a few days,,we gathered in all you see above!!  Basically about a third of our graduating class.  That's what is great about the electronic world we live in today,  
After a few hesitant looks, and false name calling, we were soon all laughing and hugging and sharing memories and stories. And our own English Teacher came with his lovely wife and we laughed over classroom memories and fun!!

Forty five years later....and I felt like a youngster again!!
 It does a body/heart and soul good.

To my classmates and Mr. B!! Salute!

"Hail Wildwood Catholic!"

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