Saturday, August 6, 2016

August Already?

Hard to believe it is already six days into August.  I do have to admit that I whine every summer about August arriving too fast.  Mea's a habit that comes from college years of working summer, and August only means that September is next.  AND that meant school days and such. 
Don't get me wrong..I loved school..,.as a youngster, College was more work. 
I digress.

It's the beginning of August. And next week, we will be going on a fishing trip. 
Hank will go fishing with his family...the whole family. Myself and the four children, and families. Along with some friends, 
And he will be given back to the sea for his final trip.

2010 I do believe, Hank caught his biggest flounder/fluke ever. He was ecstatic! And it tasted great!! but fresh fish is always the best. 
Maybe I will be blessed to catch a good one next week, hoping Hank helps me. 

This is from a trip Hank took with his sons I believe. 
The back of the shirt says it so well:
Hank was my champion. 

For many, next week will be the 'final' goodbye as they say, 
In a sense, yes it is true as his ashes will be gone. 

My hope is that his memory will never leave any of us. 

And I am thinking I will now begin fishing, 
at least once a year, just to continue the tradition. 

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Missing you, Loving you, Rest in Peace.

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