Thursday, August 18, 2016

Follow up to Hank's Fishing trip

Saturday August 13, 2016
Cape May New Jersey

The family was supposed to go out on this boat: Lady Chris.
A good boat and really perfect size for the 15 of us. 
Captain Jeff was so wonderful to us all. He explained that because of the sea breeze [winds] it was very very choppy/rough on the water. And he offered us this boat: 
 The Miss Chris
A lovely bigger boat. For a smoother ride.
Can't tell you how compassionate Captain was. Just a true gentleman.

We went fishing!! But it was a splashing bumping ride out to the ocean! So we turned back and went into the Delaware Bay by the Ferries coast. 
Cape May Lewes Ferry Terminal along Town Bank.

After a few moves..trying to find fish, and smooth was rolling to be sure, there were some signs for me that it was time to say farewell.

First one, Bryan caught a small flounder! 
 Had to throw back, but that told me Hank was near.
Second: right then both a butterfly and dragon fly came by. 
Another sign it was time to send Hank off. 
We did. 

One has to know that our family has always had comedy over seriousness. 
Often sarcastic, but most times funny. This was no different.
Joe had his father, Michelle and Mike had the sky lantern.

Boat is pitching and rocking...
Joe let's Dad go down into the water after a few words which I don't remember
...bounces/splashes on one roll/wave.
And down under the boat he goes. 
Sky lantern...JUST too windy!! 
If there was a video you would have to laugh.
The lantern went kaa plop into the water and down.

Everyone went to the other side of the boat to see if 
Dad popped up over there??
Nope...he's forever swimming now.

Captain Jeff offered that we could maybe get a lantern up from the top deck?
We tried...NOPE...too windy. 
Lesson lanterns only work in calm air!!
[that remains to be seen if true]

We fished a bit more. Came home with a few Kingfish keepers. 

This is the crew that saw Hank off. Captain Jeff is in the red shirt and Mate Gavin is the blue shirt next to him..another very special young man.
As I said before.. the family can be comical. As is proven by dear grandson Jon bunny ears over his uncle Joe.  Our family here from left to right seated:
Ron, Michelle, Sarah Beth, Myself.
Next to Capt. is Gavin, Bryan, Joe, Jon, Danielle and grandson JJ. 
 Three men on the right side are our adopted sons: Frank, Mike and Zach. 
We were missing daughter [in law] Morgan.  
Baby girls Kenzie and Brooke, and baby grandson Brantley 'Guy'
were also not along. 
Thankful we didn't bring them...
they would have been tossed around!!

For anyone outside looking in, surely they thought we were nuts, 
For us it was how Hank would have enjoyed the day!!

This was the sky as we said farewell. 
Do you see the ship? 

I do. God Keep you Hank.

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