Thursday, October 6, 2016

Fall is Here!!

All four seasons of the year hold just about equal share in my heart.  Fall runs right next to spring and summer with winter being just behind.  This past summer seemed to have a grip like no other 'heat' pump, but it seems to be moving on.

Currently we are watching a hurricane called Matthew headed for Florida. Needless to say, I am anxious for Bryan, Morgan, Brantley and Lisa who are situated 'inland' but seem to be right in line of the 'bulls' eye.  I pray they are safe and secure in their home and suffer no major problems.

Life is ever moving in my world. Now I am teaching one day a week at a local college campus. It makes me remember the window on the world that education shows us!! The day then ends with a bible study that is also very illuminating for me with regards to my faith and beliefs.  And all of it is helping me move onward and forward.

And fall is here. Which means time to gear up for the holiday needles and threads and revisit the permanent list of 'to do' gifts that occupies now two pages of my sewing wish list book. NONE of which have yet to be truly crossed off,...humorous in a way,  BUT also very upsetting [in my mind] that the adage:


Will be my headstone carving in the end,

For my few followers this is not news, as I suspect most of you are also in the same mind frame most days.   Maybe...Just Maybe...the coming days will see a dent in the stash??

Happy Fall all!!

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