Saturday, May 13, 2017

Busy----Still here!!

Hello world!!

No I am not gone...just busy.

Hard to write about life these days...even though I have many thoughts on many different matters of life.  Just busy trying to figure it all out.

Still sewing yes.,,.,.and knitting  and even got back to my cross stitching on occasion,.

Did make the dear 'little' ladies their Easter dresses,...thanks to Kathy Dykstra's inspiration from Classic Sewing Magazine!!  [See still in love with needles and such].

Pink for Mackenzie and Blue for Brooke.  Largely because before Easter we tried their jackets on from last year! They still I tried to complement the jackets. OF COURSE was 80 degrees Jackets needed. Have to just laugh.

Keep saying I will journal my sewing adventures here,..and I take pictures! Then it's always other chores that take me away. So dear readers...I am hoping to start again,  Time will tell!!  JUST BUSY!!

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