Sunday, May 21, 2017

Climax Blues Band - I love you 1981

Today was a relatively uneventful Sunday.  In the morning I messed and played on the internet...Yes I am a junkie on the computer. 
Then I ran out to pick strawberries, welll.....THAT was bust.  A very basic quart picked. Between there being no berries to speak of..they had been all picked?? and my back not having it I was sore dissappointed. Home again jiggity jig.
Time to get ready to attend a celebration Mass for 25 years of priesthood. 

Father Michael Lang was ordained 25 years ago. We met him in 1995 at St Gregory's RC church in Hamilton NJ. Hank and he actually became friends while taking the youth group to Appalachia during the summer. 
Anyway...the point is..he has been here for our family in a number of ways. 
Most memorable was visiting our Joseph in the Hospital in 2001. Mike just came, taking time to bless Joe and be there as we all prayed for healing.

Then he married Joe and Danielle. 2009
Married Michelle and Ron 2014. 

And he helped us celebrate Hank's life...without pause. 2015.

I needed to go celebrate Fr. Mike.  I did. A lovely celebration of love, faith and finding Jesus' spirit in all and everyone. then home again right?? I was missing Hank as I drove home. Wishing he had shared the Mass with me. Wishing he was near. Remembering that it's 39 years this Memorial Day that we 'connected' and began our journey together. 

So on the radio comes the Climax Blues Band from 1981. I love you. 
When I say I was stunned to hear words that I would say Hank wrote himself. 
The entire song is almost a perfect explanation of how we began and how
I know Hank felt about me and us in general. 
Do I think he put it on the radio ?? Yes I admit I do. 
So here's to you Hank...forever in my heart.

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